kTm 1:0 CLASS/18.06.2006/NOT RANKED

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kTm 1:0 CLASS/18.06.2006/NOT RANKED
n1xter wrote:

is this a flame war ? shit im missing the fun Big grin .. pass the popcorn !

i dont think so. I was pissed. If i read some shits as

eXtreme.nosia! wrote:
so what can say.... Class noobs and only noobs... sry...

so what can i do. I was more big pissed. And this is not only one shit there. I was in game on cw and you can read there a lot of shits. OK?

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kTm 1:0 CLASS/18.06.2006/NOT RANKED

Arrow Conclusion

  • My replay is maded to Class clan leader and explane to him all what he post as question.
  • I also express my opinion as mamber.
    kTm: *Dea"]nvm, i wanna play today again :!: :!: :!: :!: :!: 2nd and 3rd map

    Bona fide exists from other clan to solve problem and move on.

  • I also consider all writen here as moderator and post of KTM clan leader quoted here.
  • So, I dont see here any problem and expect rematch.
  • If rematch not will be done no points to anyone in this case.
  • I hope also that all clans will learn something from this and that not be similar problems in future.
  • Also please learn something from negotiating wars from MowQ, he use good procedure for that.
  • Read rules for ranking on Clan Rank subforum.
  • Confirm both sides on forum all negotiated.
  • Take log file on CW and demos if it is possibele.
Now I will lock this topic and case is closed.
Best regards.


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