InstaGib Freeze Tag League 2016

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Sign-up deadline: 08.05.2016

League and Shedule announcement: 08.05.2016

League start: 09.05.2016

Minimum amount of Clans participating: 6

Played mod: 2.3

Played config: iFT.cfg DOWNLOAD

Played gametype: Freeze Tag



Every clan has to have their forums on

Every clan has to refresh their clandb entry so it will be true to the current clan status.

Minimum allowed players per team during game is 3.

Maximum allowed players per team during game is how many players are available on the server if both clans agree.

During the League, each Clan has 1 week (7 days) deadline to play their matches, however, it can be extended if both sides agree.

Fixtures and League lists will be given after the sign-up's will be finished.

All played games will be ranked in railonly ranked section.

All games must be played, after the league is finished all unplayed matches are to be played untill everyone has played their games.


Punkbuster: 1

Pure: 1

xp_AntiCheatLevel 4

xp_antiWallhackLevel 0

g_gametype: 8

Timelimit: 15

Fraglimit: 0

Roundlimit: 0

RoundTimeLimit: 0

Friendly Fire: 0

xp_suddendeath: 1

xp_matchmode: 1


cl_timenudge: 0

seta rate: 25000

snaps between 30 and 125

cl_maxpackets between 60 and 125


Map list can be found HERE (Official FTAG Maps)


Tie has to be chosen based on rejecting one map by each clan, one map cannot be picked twice.

Clan which has won the first map has priority for choosing the first map to be rejected.

Non-rejected map has to be played as the tie map.


Match won 2 - 0 = 3 points

Match won 2 - 1 = 2 points

Match lost 1 - 2 = 1 point

Match lost 0 - 2 = 0 points


Everyone is playing versus everyone.

In this event clans play one clanwar until 2 maps are won.

Referee / neutral player is needed.

Simply visit public forums and create a post.

If a match isnt played within deadline there will be a re-match when both clans find a suitable date or after the last game has been played.

If a clan doesnt reply = 1 warning.

If a clan doesnt show up after 30 minutes after set time on forum = 1 warning.

If a clan quits the league, every previous and further games will be considered as a lost.

Match winner must make a post - match report.

Each clan has the right to take 2 timeouts per maps unless opponent agrees for more.

Every player who takes part in this league has to play under official clan tag or official white tag.

Every player who takes part in this league has to be prepared to play with PB and pure.

Trial members of a clan are not allowed to play a clanwar in this league.

Cheating and multiclaning is not allowed, clans need to check the entries.

Proven multiclaning or cheating = player is out of the league.

If clan is aware of this = clan out from the league.

Clan leader is responsible for the clan, he or she needs to take care of who is allowed to play and who`s not.

If a clan has broken the rules and won, the match must be replayed.

Both clans have to plan a replay of the match in 1 week or after the last match from this league.

Date of post in "New Clan Members" counts as date to join.


Every match must be played under control of a referee or neutral player.

Clans have to arranged with a referee/neutral player or post war details at the forums.

Referee can`t be reffing the match, if he or she is a member of one of the clans participating in that match.

Referee should sort all difficulties on the server and record the mvd`s during the match.

Clans have to listen to Referee`s orders and can not start the match until referee allows it.

Clans have the duty to give the referee the /ref password from the choosing server.

If a Clan recruits a player during the league. The player is not able to play for the next 1 match. If both sides agree then the player can play.


If a rule is broken then the clan which is responsible or both will receive a yellow card.

2 warnings -> 1 yellow card.

2 yellow cards -> red card -> Out of the League.


1. intel

2. .ffs!

3. *WOOF*

4. (*WASP*)

5. .RD

6. skillz

7. .[]F*

8. 'R2

9. |¯FC_|


Round I: 09 May 2016 - 15 May 2016
Round II: 16 May 2016 - 22 May 2016
Round III: 23 May 2016 - 29 May 2016
Round IV: 30 May 2016 - 05 June 2016
Round V: 06 June 2016 - 12 June 2016
Round VI: 13 June 2016 - 19 June 2016
Round VII: 20 June 2016 - 26 June 2016


16.05.2016 /// 'R2 is removed from the league due to inactivity.

11.06.2016 /// (*WASP*) is removed from the league as requested by the clan leader.