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22.08.2010 - 31.08.2010

Welcome to E+N Quakers!

Hi and welcome to excessiveplus news! Summer end and all
become a bit active. So now we will have more clan wars and more
fun!This time as always we have a very interesting interview!Enjoy
with interview and of couse with the whole thread of news like matches!
clans! and more!And in the end of news you can find Atrax songs.This
was his debut so we ask you not to be so strict ^^ We hope you will
like it:>
So lets start!


In ranking railonly side all is the same…. Of course there are many fun
wars...trains...the clans are getting ready for september -
octouber...So summer end and soon all will have many cw!!! May be somebody will organise Railonly autumn cup! Time will show!

F2B Clan still Leading in ranking with 8 wins.
In 2nd is E><TREME! clan with 6 wins and 1 match lost.
On 3rd place is 3M'CLAN Clan with 8 wins and 4 lost matches.


In ranking plus side all is the same, But remember, this section will be soon very

[MR.] Clan is Leading in PLUS ranking with 13 wins and 1 lost match.
In 2nd is unique Clan with 13 wins and 3 lost matches.
In 3rd place is E><TREME! Clan with 16 wins and 6 lost matches.


This week only 3 matches were played.Here are al lthe results!

xv!benedykt 2:0 ebashu
Ultima 3:2 Marcus
xv!benedykt 6:0 Matthias

We can see that situation changed!Now in 3rd place is triv'!Our congratulations!

SKULL!·SOUL·is Leading in this rank with 8 matches played and all 8 are wins.
ASCARI * DS is 2nd with 7 matches played , 6 wins 1 lost match.

In 3rd place we have triv' with 6 matches played , 5 wins 1 lost match.


How we can see all is the same.but in September this will change!!!

At the moment this is what we have got:

ZMB*RaWr! still leading 1vs1 Plus ranking with 31 matches played, 25 wins, 6 lost.
ASCARI * DS is second with 11 matches played, 9 wins and 2 lost.
|¯4e*|__|LT!MA! have a 3rd place with 13 matches, 10 wins and 3 lost.

Right now on E+ we have 19 Rail Clans and 24 Plus Clans

Clans which are currently looking for players:

*INK*more about joining this clanHERE<-(click)
RSocKstar . RS* more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
.DARK|ANGELS. more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
EVOL more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
(IS) * more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
[clan]the blood brothers clan[/clan] more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
SOFT' more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
| DVINSK more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
HYPER more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
1337*5|<!|_|_5 more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
Lucky more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
*SNEAKY*BASTARDS more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
mi3 more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
ALONE more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)

Clanless players looking for clan to join:


Player transfers:

tr1ckz -> tr1ckz R*
BLOODY|TRX -> .dZ|trx!
BLOODY|LION -> .dZ|lion!
BLOODY|LEBOW'SKY -> .dZ|lebowsky!
BLOODY|DYNIO -> .dZ|dynio!
BLOODY|SIN -> .dZ|sin!
MixerX -> .dZ|mixerX!
Infected -> .dZ|kurwa!
Dibe -> .dZ|dibe!
Turoth -> .dZ|turo!
Snake -> .dZ|sadicx!
Mi3||Trinity -> Trinity
Tatarin ->|MI3||Tatarin
GangsTR ->|MI3||GangsTR
Zydek -> unique * zydek
dunno.Epsilon -> Epsilon ->*SNEAKY*EPSILON
k3raz -> .dZ|k3raz!
orm -> .dZ|orm!
slaby -> extreme.t.slaby
alone*t*style -> style
double@tap -> alone*t*double
Zaxtor RS -> Zaxtor
Ebashu RS -> Ebashu
Syndrome DA -> Syndrome -> Syndrome R*
enter_x -> alone*enter x
.TNT*ILLCA! -> illca

GL HF in your new clans!

In this topic we will put 5 first servers which you can always enjoy!



FFA, R4R.cfg

4. Dont know but it dissapeared Oo

5.B@N@N@ Freeze Tag Railonly

6.Borg team CTF
CTF.Excessive v5.0 Railgun Edition


Having problems with finding:
- smooth server for ranked match (CW),
- someone to record mvd from match,
- someone with knowledge of server commands,
- someone who could explain all ranking rules,
- someone who could supervise & control match progress on server.

Don't worry, ref+ is a team of dedicated
people who will help u with all those problems.
Simply visit ref+ public forums and create a post.
Someone will contact You and help u with arranging your match.

And here is our incomparable [MR.]LAKTOSTOLERANT ^^ Thank you a lot for such interesting interview!! We hope you enjoi it , as we did!

Complet Name:Alex
Nickname: Laktostolerant
Age: 26
Country: Sweden
Clans/teams: [Mr.], .se
Mouse:Logitech Mx518 rev3
Mousepad: Qck+
How many years do you play Q3A? 2 months.
How many years do you play E+? 4 years.

#1 Tell us a bit more about your gaming history, like when you started to play Q3A and E+?

Bought the game when it was new at end of 99 or 2000. It was one of the rare cool/hot games available for Macintosh at that time. I played singleplayer like a maniac for a month or two, fired up my modem and got destroyed online. Stopped playing and didnt touch it untill 2006 again.

#2 When you started to play Quake III Arena, which was your first clan? And when you joined E+?

Only played e+ online, so the list is short: [Mr.]
Joined E+ at start of 2006.

#3 What was your first feeling when you saw Q3A game and you started to play it?

Kickass game, nothing more to add.

#4 And about E+ mod? What feelings you had when you discovered this mod for Q3A?

First try was horrible, hated every inch of it - Ended up on a server with excessive cfg that for me was 100% spam all over the place.
Thankfully I gave it another go and found "Viking server" (Swedish Railonly server). It was a blast, mainly because it was such a newbiefriendly game. Even I managed to make some frags against good players, needles to say I was hooked and started playing a lot on those servers.

#5 Do you play Quake Live, If so, in what clan or you become a lonely wolf?

Yes, playing some CA now and then. I don't intend to play it as serious as e+ so I haven’t been looking for a clan.

#6 You think Quake Live (QL) is the future?

Quake? - Check, everything quake is awesome!
Active players? - Check
QL definately holds the biggest userbase out of all the quake series, so atm yes.
I do prefer good old e+ though, you can just login and run mayhem for 15 mins. QL is a bit more advanced and if I want to have fun (Aka not get utterly destroyed) I need too focus a lot, something I'm not looking for at late nights.
Also yearly premium/pro payment is a bit too much of a commitment for me, 3 months at a time tops.
The layout of clanmanagement / server spawn with pro only will be a limiter for sure aswell.

#7 What Q3A mod’s have you played?

E+ and a little bit of cpma.

#8 Tell us more about your old clans, and about Mr clan. When you joined this clan? And why you joined?

Quite short list - Mr, the one and only.
When I started play mr was in sleep mode and most mr players played in viking (A mix of bro/mr if I'm remebering correctly.)
I played on viking servers almost every night, and got to know the admins who were really friendly and helpfull. Viking*Freja (Mrs.Mona) tryed to help me install e+ mod since I played without it. This was april 2006 and I found myway to the forums after Mona linked me here.

I kept on playing a lot on viking 1v1 railonly dm17 (Nick: Trollet) where I meet some cool people, don't know where they are today though. I played pretty decent by the standards of the server, but ofc would get my ass handed to me once in a while when the "pro" players connected.

Mulder, Stikkan and Cyrez had plans in reactivating Mr-clan again (Viking got put down.) and Mona wanted me to tryout. She gave my contact information to Stikkan and Cyrez. At first I didnt want to, since the thought of playing in a clan was a bit too serious. I was just passing time with viking servers and nothing more. Mona didnt give up and kept asking, so I finally gave in and made a tryout. Cyrez schooled my ass badly that day, I had never met such a challange before. At one map I didnt even got 1 frag Big grin The whole deal was so disapointing, but I didnt give up nor complained and asked for a second tryout in some weeks when I'd improved myself some more. Luckily I didnt need to, since Mona worked her magic and I was accepted even though I've failed miserable. This is where I really started to grow as a player, Mr-clan provided nice company that made positive feedback and ignored the bad shit. We also had really skilled player like Cyrez and Warped among others. I'm really glad I got in Happy

#9 Which was the goal of the clan itself? How you become a Leader of the clan? It was difficult to manage and organise trains and fw/cws? And about the founder, do you know were he is now?

When I joined the main thing were to play some fws and have fun. Cyrez as a leader were great, and we had a great deal of fun. We also trained a bit and grew little by little.
I started by managing fws in the clan after cyrez got pissed of all the bullshit that were going on. Picking servers was a big deal back then and oboy was it a pain in the ass to get the right one (Always took over 40 mins of constant server changing on each fw). Also you almost had to book the fw a week in advance. Nowadays its really much easier to set a fw, if clans have people you just go for it. Wery seldom does people want to change servers just for a fw (Obviously CWs is different).
All in all it was really unsmooth business. It all changed for us when we recruited two young hungry russian players named Kaktus and Zont, after that it was a piece of cake. They wanted to play anytime, anywhere and right now! (Expect when they were out in woods drinking). I didnt even have to think about it, just start the computer and it was sorted by itself Big grin
After a while, Cyrez got other things to do in real life + WOW that took a heavy toll. As he became more dormant I gradually started doing more and more to hold the clan together - Suddenly I was the leader even though I never really intended to.
The goal of the clan shifted a bit around 2008 before SFC. We had new hungry and skilled members like Mircwar, Marcus and DS and we trained so hard because we had a feeling that we could win SFC. Usally we played atleast 2 fws per day for a long period of time. Our training payed off and we won it (It wasnt easy final though, hyper was hard as hell!) After that we shifted back to just play some fws and chat in irc for fun.

The founder; Mulder is alive and well. He + Gandalf (An old Mr member) is still sponsoring our clan server and I really can't thank them enough for that!
Stikkan is still keeping our clansite up, although he is in Evol now. Cyrez is working and awaiting the release of Catalyst.

#10 Your best moments in the clan? Some special person in? some unforgettable moments? Some fw/cw that make you lose nerves? Or Maybe secrets? : >

Best moments would be the fun times chatting with my electronic buddies (No1 mentioned, no1 forgotten Happy ) and the competitions I've had with Mircwar on freezer servers. Were always a challange and always fun to play against him!
Special person would be Mona, she's always been nice to me and got me into this clan.

I have lost my nerve on 2 occations, both ages ago and both on a cw that we lost. First time was vs LSF when I really thought it would be a walk in the park. Turned out it wasnt and needless to say I was pretty frustrated and leashed out the first one available on msn. I think it was Guybrush, something that really suxed ass and I shoudnt have done so, I'm really sorry but it was too late. The other time was vs dvinsk, was pretty mad about the whole situation (We had pretty hudge problems which server lag, something I ofc blamed the loss on. Looking back in all fairness dvinsk sufferd from same problems so gg.) If I can give any tip: If youre frustraded turn off computer - Go out and dont touch it untill you're calm again.

I dont get nervouse on fws anymore (I used to when I was new in mr => "Gotta perform, Gotta perform" and ofc I didnt perform since my mind were elsewere Big grin)
In intense moments @ cws I still get shaky mouse sometimes. Its all part of the game, woudnt be fun without it!

#11 When you started to play E+, which for you was the strongest clan at that moment? And what you think about it?

SWE - rarely played any matches, but you saw them all the time owning noobs on servers.
KO on the other hand played a lot of matches, but I never saw them on servers (fakenickers!?)
IMO swe had the overall stronger players and KO had the teamplay/team positioning, so gotta go with KO.

#12 What you think, which is your favourite clan at the moment in Plus side? And in Rail side? Some clan that you think that have all chances to be in first place in plus rank? And in rail rank? Also which is your favourite player in E+?

I've been way too antisocial on servers for a long time, so don't have a favorite player atm. If we look at gamestyle I would say: Menjek.
Rail side - Not familiar with railonly anymore.

IMO its 3 clans that can make it to the top just with lineup:
- Hyper ofc, they always been a top clan and will continue to be so with Deky and Dragon. Funny sidenote, I always thougt of the herb Tarragon (Dragon in swedish.) when I saw Dragon Big grin
- Unique if they managed to keep up the training after terror quit
- F2B who really stepped up theire game.
The other clans is a bit behind, but if they can find the energy and patience to train really hard every day, they wery well can become top without any problem!
The most confident clan will win for sure.

Railside - Smurfs Tongue

#13 What is your personal record in frags? And in score (thaw + frags) ?

Asuming you mean public freezer servers: A lot more than I'm currently outputing these days, thats for sure.
Found a nice screen with pretty even teams (Not a 15 - 0 game, those shoudnt really be counted.):
Total score would be 131 => http://mr-clan.net/tempz/shot0904.jpg
Frags - Don't know, can't find the screen I'm looking for so going with 71 from last screen.
Still a bit disapointed I coudnt outaim Mircwar XD

#14 And of course we know “all” Mr’s members like beer! Which is your favourite beer? And your record in litres that you ever drunk? And in game? : >

Actually I'm quite the purist, havnt had a drink for months. Don't have a real favorite, like to try different brands to use for lunch. Kronenbourg 1664 usally gets put in the shopping cart though.

#15 And now comes the surprise maybe for all E+ community…we hear that you want to leave E+ when SFC ends, is that true? And why you decided to leave?.....

Yes, its true.
Its a tricky question for me, and my fellow Mr have called me an emo whiner but here goes:
I feel the gameplay is lacking in comparacy of my reference game: E+ 1.03 and it really bugs me, since I can't even play without being pissed about it.
The new eplus have really nice bugfixes and features (Kick ass work by Beast who have shown a lot of love for this mod, thx you!) but the gameplay itself have really been deteriorated. I feel more confident with ql physics than new e+ physics and thats really messedup. When I spec people in cws and public servers, I see top players who can barely move, "Bambi on ice" to qoute Mircwar. It removes a lot of the fun factor for me, since I have to resort to a more defensive gamestyle (Why risk attacking when there's a good change my ninja move into enemy territory will end up totally random.) I think its not just about the physics themself, like sj/cj feeling really weird, also getting stuck on walls combined with really high amount of errors when tangled up with other players + random knockback directions (I've never experienced this in any other q3 mod, nor ql or 1.03 (Expect when you got heavy lagspike with freezeframes.)). All these small stuff equals some quite irregular player movements.
Ive also noticed a lot of audio missing from enemys + I can give another easy to spot example with physics: Try +back on a stair while youre crunching - Try in 1.03 (or hell, even try it in ql/cpma or whatever) and then try it on new eplus - Small stuff which in the end adds upp to the detioration in overall gameplay feel for me.

Now the tricky thing: The amount of people who notices and reacts to this stuff can easily be counted on one hand. So in all fairness its really an "elistist" issue / Nerd issue Big grin
The e+ code hasnt been changed according to the devs, kinda hard for the devs to do anything about it if it isnt in code (Almost impossible). That doesnt leave much options for me, as I doubt it would be beneficial to the majority of the community to start pushing for 1.03 servers again.

Lets not forget that 1.03 really wasnt the perfect thing, it was flawed like crazy yet still I'd prefer to *play* it. Strange aint it.
If I could make a wish, I want the gameplay feel of 1.03 combined with the awesome work of Beast, Easy and Panda - It would kick so much ass!

#16 What would you like to change in Excessive Plus (E+) Mod ? what you like, what you dislike?

On the top of my hand:
Remove unlagged projectiles, or atleast make them OFF by default and not on by xp_unlagged 1.
Physics XD
More glowy shader options to make custom powerups

If I could make a lak™ config it would look like this: (Ground subject: plusN:)
Remove all server settings.
Remove startweapon railgun
Remove teleportspeed
Reduce nade knockback to 1.03 setting
Reduce spawnprotection
Remove No falling damage
Increase thawtime
Change default switchstyle to 1.03 and increase it a little bit, like 260 or 270 ms and in the same time change weapon damage so that all guns can be picked on theire own (In the right situation.) Also increase enemy knockback value to mg. I'm really not a big fan of the combinations witch play, if it should be used the switch time for main weapons needs to be so much slower than it is today.

Remove armors option: (Make special config for those who wants it.)
Armorsystem really didn’t make the gameplay changes it was meant to do imo. With old plus - You *could* camp if you wanted to, you *could* attack if you wanted to: Both had equal chances and that was the beauty of it. What the armors effectively added was to increase the gap between the "good" clans and the clans who dont play as much. When you can make a 50 killstreak on a fw, something is really fuckedup and I doubt the other clan thought "hey, this armor deal is fun fun fun." - If I can make a reference back to when I started playing, making atleast 1 frag vs a better opponents was the single reason I got hooked to begin with.

Keep health bubbels and keep having regen off.

I would like to add a timing factor for the more advanced players.With powerups that doesnt make you invincible, but still usable/fun.
Battlesuit - Protection against splashdamage only (Like in baseq.)
Invisibility - Sneaky sneaky, mayby limit weapon choice? Dont know.
Flight - Positioning someplace enemy wont expect it
Haste - Scout/Runner
*Insert custom powerup with cool shader* if possible Happy
Come to think of it, its pretty similar to the old viking servers Big grin

I like the fact that e+ is such a quick game to learn, + most of the people here have been great and not as hostile as they can be on other mods/games Happy

#17 You will play another Mod…or another game?

No, mayby some QL now and then.
Other games usally focus on fancy grafics and other things, its fun for a week or two then you just forget about them because the gameplay is lacking.

#18 Will you come back some day? And now who will be the leader of Mr clan?
Don't think I'll become super active again, but if the movement feel of 1.03 returns I really doubt I can keep myself from playing again.
Kaktus will be the man in charge (In all fairness, he's alredy been since a long time - Thank you kaktus for taking over when I've been lazy/afk/dormant <3)

#19 What you did to become such great player, you was trained by someone? Did you trained a lot?...maybe some suggestions/secrets for other players?

Practice, practice and then practice some more.
A big thing for me was that I had so much fun playing, I could play hour after hour just to improve a little bit - Was really a blast. Playing a lot will only help you to a certain level, after that you need to begin thinking / finding stuff to focus on. I downloaded demos and speced good players. If I saw something cool/usefull/fun she/he did, I tryed to copy paste it into my own gaming. For an example I've always admired how Anemic moved with cj/sj (Ofc I didnt know how too or what it was called) but I tryed to mimic it, and still today I use my halfassed sj/cj that really isnt the 100% real deal Big grin I also speced Hard and noticed he did some railspam in some angels and I started doing the same and so on and so on.

#20 What mouse do you use right now? Tell us about your mouse settings? And how old is it? : >

I can start by saying, yes I'm one of those electronic nerds.. but here goes:

Logitech Mx518 rev3.
400 dpi, sens 3, in_mouse 1, patched to 500hz, NO logitech drivers. Std m_pitch/m_yaw/m_side/m_forward & cl_pitch/yawspeed, m_filter 0.

To explain why I'm using the mx, heres a list of what I want from a mouse. (Most important first, least important last.)
- Support of low sensitivity - Aka high max controll speed
- Comfortable shape (It should allow me to choice grip myself, not being a "x grip mouse only". An extra + if its not too big.)
- No accell (Positive or negative (Extra minus if it have both, like the Kinzu.))
- The mouse should be light
- 500 hz without having to use drivers or 3rd party software. I DON'T want mouses that are locked to 1000hz (this seems to be the current trend / marketing bs.)
The choice of picking 125, 500 or 1000 and just plugging it in would be optimal.
- No/Low anglesnapping/prediction

Things that can make me spend more money:
- Thin cable / Brainded cable
- Build quality
- Good support and generous service/guarantee

Thing that I dont want:
- Diods and disco lights.. .

I've tested: Mx518 rev1 & 3, Razer DA v1, Wmo 1.1a, Ie 3.0, Kinzu, Ikari & salmosa.
So far the best overall mouse for me is the mx518 - It manages my 3 most important factors well.
But on the downside its a bit too heavy + major anglesnapping.
I've been recommended the Razer DA a lot, but I've never experienced such a bulky, heavy and uncomfortable mouse as the DA. Its a real dealbreaker for me, sadly so since the hardware is really spot on.

If you're in the hunt for a gaming mouse: Wheel Mouse Optical - Best bang for the buck without any doubts! (Dont spend a fortune on laser mouses.)
Also stay far away from Kinzu if you're a low/med sensitivity player! (Its been a long time since release, and still nothing from Steelseries regarding any upcoming fixes. They really disapointed me and I won't buy another mouse from them for sure.)

#21 What mousepad you use? Its good for your mouse? And how old is it? : >

Qck+ mousepad, 5 months old.
It's not the best pad I've used, but for my sens I'm kinda limited to what I can use. I just bought the cheapest one of the big pads. Tongue
The best mousepad I've used all categories is the Func Archtype 1030 - Using the "resistance" side of the pad, and not the glidy one. The feel and controll I had on that pad was awesome. I regrett lowering my sens by so much that it made the Func imposible to use.

#22 You think the gaming gear is important to became a top player? Or this is just a fairytales…anyone can be the top player with wireless mouse and LCD monitor and bad internet connection?

I started e+ on a laptop with Logitech V270 Bluetooth Optical Mouse - And imo I managed to play a quite decent game back then so yeah - You can be successfull with any settup aslong as you put down the time and play to your strenghts. (Dont go into longrange aimfights if you have a hard time hitting longrange for an example.)
Buying "gaming gear" *can* help improve your performance a little bit, if you got a wireless shaky mouse that skips if you move to fast - Ofc you can get better with a smooth mouse. If you already have a decent mouse, buying the latest laser mouse surely wont help you though. By no means can gaming gear make you pro by just pluggin it in.

#23 What is the must important in ‘’equipment’’ Mouse, Mousepad, Monitor?....

Most important is to feel comfortable, as long as it feels good your fine. If I have to choice between those 3, I would go for a decent monitor. Nowadays you can get a crt screen that can manage 100 - 120 hz almost for free (People are throwing them on the dumps to be honest XD), it really adds up to the game when you can see all movements crystal clear.

#24 What you think about q3config.cfg, this file should be performed to see and play better this game? Some commands that really affect on the gameplay ‘’in good way’’ of course, and in ‘’bad way’’? Maybe you can share you cfg with all us? : >

Once again its all about the comfortable feeling, set it to what you prefer Happy A curious sidenote to prove my point: I recall a .swe player, think it was qwado!? Who played on a standard config (He only changed the sensitivity command and enemymodel), so com_max 85, snaps 20 and cl_maxpackets 30 and so on, everything standard. He still was a top tier player!
My config can be downloaded here: http://www.mr-clan.net/tempz/laktosfig.zip

#25 Ok so Thank you for the answer our many questions, do you have some last words to add? Or thanks to someone? Or some suggestion?
Wow, a lot of spam here Happy Hope my english is understandable.
Hf all. Thx all mr dudes/dudettes for putting up with me for all this time!
Special note to:
Kaktus - You rock!
Zont - Change to terran Tongue
Mircwar - Vi syns i nangijala Big grin

1.Yeeee, Dear Atrax i hope you will not begin to hate us:> You know that we love you very much Smug hehe. So there is our vocal discovery and his first song:> Yep For fun we decided that clan what lost fw will sing a song in ts:> So, who know, may be next time we will sing:DD So you can download it from this link ->>
Atrax Song

2.So after long inactivity we decided again to organize FW boys Vs girls
Who want to participate should ask me or Darky to add you in SPPGT*SPBBT team:)

3. Dont forget to come today to BANANARAIL FRAGFEST BY ASPHYX & DARKANGEL!!

All information you can read HERE <<-



Thank You for reading.

Best wishes,

D@|¯K@NGE|_ and B|_ACK|¯OSE

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Re: Excessive+News [31.08.2010]

Good job as always!!!

kiss & hugs Happy
good to see you Lak in the interview section !! well done

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Re: Excessive+News [31.08.2010]
epsiplayer wrote:

Good job as always!!!

kiss & hugs Happy
good to see you Lak in the interview section !! well done

thank you epsi pepsi! Smug

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hahahahahha fucking great song hahahah xD

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Re: Excessive+News [31.08.2010]

no surprise that laktos will quit, and no surprise about him being a total "down to earth" gamer either, hes rather an addict like an nerd though.

so heh laktos, lets meet in the sfc final one last time x)

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Re: Excessive+News [31.08.2010]


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Re: Excessive+News [31.08.2010]

that was intersting. gj

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Re: Excessive+News [31.08.2010]

thank uu Smug

we are glad u all like it Happy

Gloria Mōmentum
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”
—Ernest Hemingway

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Re: Excessive+News [31.08.2010]

welll very good job .... nice song atrax loollllllllllllll xxxxddddd.....and very sad to hear about it laktos..thx for all ..

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Re: Excessive+News [31.08.2010]
laktostolerant wrote:

Nowadays you can get a crt screen that can manage 100 - 120 hz almost for free (People are throwing them on the dumps to be honest XD), it really adds up to the game when you can see all movements crystal clear.

just picked up a 19" crt (i guess its 19") from a friend who hasnt been using it for years, he said since its getting wasted there anyways u can pick it up Big grin and i have 3 other 17" crt here who do the 120hz job on 800x600 just to show how true laktos is with this words.

hurrenson: "This idiot is apparently not familiar with a rail/sniper style."

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Re: Excessive+News [31.08.2010]
trickz wrote:

hahahahahha fucking great song hahahah xD

ahahahahah :DDDDDDDDDD yeees:DDD

btw dont forget about this topic:)