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Re: Clanless Players looking for Clan

- PlayerName: seus aka maryjane aka espe aka... don't remember Rolling on the floor
- Configs: whole... even UT xD
- Gametypes: whole... those nasty 2
- Joined: 2 late but... 2 soon 2 quit.
- LastClan: Hiszy APD kurwa.... =_)

and if some... I do not using that fucked up cheating machine called TS so beat it if it's needed or make an exception cuzz I know where Ur frozen ass is hidden before U will distract me with this useless news...

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

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Re: Clanless Players looking for Clan

Nick : Juggalo
Configs : ?
Gametypes : any. im kinda new here but i see freezetag is most played here.
Last Clan :
Status : active

a little about myself:

clan history:
I was in rtcw in a clan called pes (pre-emptive sctrike) playing objective counterstrike (kind of a mix of capture the flag and bomb where your team blows things up and or has to steal an important object and bring it to a capture map (on some like mp_beach, both Tongue ). we were playing in barrysworld yeaars ago with a few schoolmates and mostly for fun Tongue

then i played consoles only for few years (gran turismo/pro evo soccer/halo and shitloads of single player games like gta... love vice city still ) for few years unil i ofund out there is a game called urban terror its like cs but built on quake3 (kinda like rtcw also is built on it) and tried it and movement was awesome and i joined a clan called w33d they had there own public server and they scrimed like crazy during cup time which was awesome so i playd there for about 2 years? anyway urt is still there but clan fell apart and id rather find something new and excitin thats why im here!!

wot i can do:
attached below are beer freeze custom gametype from yesterday and today.
also here are links from a rail+bounce server (mania i think) i played few games and was invited to play a guest scrim by clan eds and i said i didnt want to join at first, just wanted to see wot clans do in scrims in this mod and it was quite fun even though other clan were much better but i still held my own lol.

more info:
and i declined clan membership to eds cos they seemed to have some russian guy in there clan (dunno if he is a member or was just asked to ringer the scrim like me, think its the latter) and no offence eds ure a nice bunch of guys but id rather join the right clan and take my time it seems my invitation was well rushed. cos most clans have trial periods etc lol and i was offered a co-leader position right away (was well flattered but im new here dont know much maps apart from public ones and even those quite bad but its fun doing bfg jumps cos they work even if u dont know where ull end up just got to know how to do it.

my fave guns:
im trying hard on railgun cos its the imba gun 1 hit 1 kill dont even need to aim for the head (its awesome!) and so far did allrite, but i love all the hitscan weapons like lg mg (maybe plasma) cos so far i played a lot with that style in all my fps (thompson an mp40 in rtcw, ak47 lr300 and m4) so im good at aiming it i dont spray and pray Tongue

and weapon balance is allright even tho most games only have 3-4 guns so i had to add some more next to my movement keys but this game doesnt have any radio commands interface so it saved me bind space Tongue

if anyone wants to speak with me an give me pointers about clans and community/play wiv me/chat add me on msn

oh and 1 more thing i wanna join a british clan if possible or one with english spoken mostly cos i know dutch an french clans are very elitist wen someone is in there team who dont speak the language so i dont want any more of that

`-_ MCL _-`

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Re: Clanless Players looking for Clan

Juggalo i recommend you to first read the rules of this forum before you get unwanted forum warnings...

You can write a big story in the introduction thread but here you should write a post like every1 else.

@Team/Clanleaders: if you want some1 to join your team/clan please contact the one you want and talk NOT IN here. Please read the first post of this thread before posting your reply.

These are the rules =>
Read them!

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Re: Clanless Players looking for Clan

- PlayerName: daisy
- Configs: plusN
- Gametypes: TDM, TAG
- Joined: 2010
- LastClan: RS

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Re: Clanless Players looking for Clan

- PlayerName: Agent Tomek
- Gametypes: Freeze Tag, Only Rail

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Re: Clanless Players looking for Clan


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Re: Clanless Players looking for Clan

Nickname: CoLa

Configs: RAILONLY!

Gametypes: freeze / tdm

Last Clan: Jam / (IS)

Joined: 2-3 years


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Re: Clanless Players looking for Clan

becoz rsqt came railonly again i got no plus clan now

- PlayerName: lionwhy

- Configs: plus

- Gametypes: ctf | tag | tdm

- Joined: 2009 i think

- LastClan: lsf ->abs -> rsqt

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Re: Clanless Players looking for Clan

.: Nickname: ChildOfBodom

.: Configs: Plus/Railonly

.: Gametypes: FREEZE / CTF

.: Last Clan: none

.: Joined: just a week ago, but i have a long quake experience

.: MSN - PM

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Re: Clanless Players looking for Clan


PlayerName : Dexi

Configs : +N

Gametypes : TDM,TAG

Joined : 2009

LastClan : RSQT