Clanless Players looking for Clan (No Comments)

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This post is made to know actual clanless players.
When clans wanna recruit they should first search here.

If you are clanless and looking for clan then post here.

NO SPAM, only posts on topic here pls.

To post pls give these informations :
- PlayerName: your nickname
- Configs: config you play [plus/excessive/railonly]
- Gametypes: gametype you play [TDM/CTF/TAG]
- Joined: date that you joined E+
- LastClan: your last clan's name


No more list available, just see players posts.
Once a player has finished searching, pls say it so it get removed.

After 1-2 months players searching are timed out.

And no offtopic post here, they will get removed.

Wanna avoid seeying mow, skull & co Surprise

Check this peacefull place