BEST 24" 144hz 3D monitor???

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heyo, any suggestions bout 24" 144hz 3D gaming monitors? on top of my head got these ones : benq xl2411z, benq xl2411 (no z, dunno for what it is ), Asus VG248QE and some AOC ones, even tho there is benq xl2430 which i can't get different with 2411

im intersted in details like visual quality, g-sync/free sync, 1-2ms difference and similar detailswhich is the most desiderable lets say?

also, since i'll have to use some 3D stuff on it, is there some particular one to be prefeered or just some random 3d kit is alright? got a gtx 970 so prolly just the nvidia 3d kit should do good i guess.