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Re: asking for a ban
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Why is everyone paying attention to those guys anyway? The more threads like this are made, the more initiative they have to stay and wreak more havoc with new fakenicks.

Without the drama, all you'd have would be war reports, happy birthday threads and some shitty spam threads centered around smiley exchange and monosyllabic words written in broken English. Dear fucking god, guys, Chernobyl is less desolate than that. This place needs less locking and more discussing. What is more entertaining than watching some dickhead try and wiggle his way out of cheating, fakenicking, insulting and lying? Certainly not 3 pages of drones numbering their posts or writing gg. Come on.
Anyway, someone should make a timeline of Ligas' bullshit adventures in e+. I wonder if anyone even bothered to keep track.

inb4 "omg community dyink im banned from ql forums so i go to esreality to warn ppl that US CTF is full of TIERSLUMMERS" a la raythenoob.

In my opinion this community is happy with the way things are, with the forum turning into somewhat completely different due to changing demographic, and then morphing completely (as Mr Florin bluntly and correctly put in ze interview, "both the exodus of all the old people and influx of retards were too high so it was time to go"). Most of the people from the old crowd left so can't really be surprised that trends changed and intellectual level of the place is different, and if they wanted to have the insights about the current world of FPS computer games, general satire about players, teams, organisations and events, they would have their own sections. Alas, esreality, urban terror, russianQL forums and even teamliquid with their banhammer loving administration all have the bulk of abovementioned elements, while here we have mostly shitslinging threads like this one, raged Eastern Europeans and journals like "if u peopel had ur last day on earth what would you doink? )))". We've disconencted this place (well bar me since I still around the guys who were in xXx/aNk) so can't really be too critical of what it's become. Sif you'd care if this forum shut down or some shit anyway?

Also: 90% of the proper interaction happens on Mumble/ts3 and in PCWs anyway Oh go on

I don't buy it, man. There's enough people with half a brain left to keep things at least slightly interesting. I mean, fuck, we didn't have much in way of meaningful discussions back in the day either - part of the reason me and you became mods in the first place was coz the forum was drowning in shit. Only back then, people weren't as tight assed about all that. Would i care if Easy had an epiphany and decided his money would be better spent on hookers and blow instead of keeping e+ rolling? Not really. But at the very least i could get my 5 minutes of drama entertainment every now and again whenever i decide to visit. Nowadays all you get is an unhealthy serving of balls which makes reading youtube comments seem like a better alternative. Nobody seems to mind it, but it doesn't mean everything is cool and mellow, it means people here got lazy, and the ones who came after don't know any better.
I guess you're right that nobody even gives a shit anymore, and those that do, disappear or stay away from here. Hell, i barely ever log on anymore myself, and i used to visit almost every day for 5 years, even after i stopped playing, even after all that shit with Spider and his braindead cohorts. It's just so damn disappointing to see all this, man. This forum used to be something more.
HOLD ME BROHEIM. ;_; (no homo)

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Re: asking for a ban

im sorry i still cant stop laughing about the copypaste some vedic/jamerio/becks conversation thing so i cant make a reasonable reply so wil ledit lately \IOuhAGHAGAHGAHGAHAGHQGHAGHAGAH


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Re: asking for a ban