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gg both

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gerat game KA!

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Arrow Realy busted Thinking:
IMO Nex is not realy busted, he was have ogc.dll file in q3 folder but PB didnt catch him for cheating :!: PB catch him because of existance ogc.dll in his folder. For me is not big difference between catching someone with cvar in q3config.cfg and file. Both of PB ctching is prove of existance chat code on PC but realy is same. If you use dirty copy (not clan install from CD) you can catch that. Existance cvars in cfg or cheat file in q3 folder is not prove that player ever cheat.

In real life is like possesing ilegal weapon and catched by police. But not meaning taht you kill somone Thinking: So, IMO if you decide to ban Nex that is in my eyes unfair in comparation with players who have cvar settings but they not banned like Panic and others.
In case that somone catched by PB for real active cheat code in that cases I am for NO MERCY - BAN FOR EVER.
Or if somone catched for cvar or inactive cheat dll, after cleaning and playing on PB and pure some time and catched again for same or similar thing also BAN FOR EVER.

But that is only my opinion of course.
Best regards.

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some ppl do forgeting why these mdtol and cvar checks are in pb config

"couse not all cheats are detected by PB inself and u need an specyfic cvar to prevent these undetected cheats"

so if someone with cheat that PB cant detect inslf will be kicked due cvar check not hack voliation, u will say he is inisent ? ']

we cant do much, we just do not know if busted guy are used it or not, but we do have sure he do have "iligal weapon" also not all players are smart inaf to clear thier folders, but presonaly im do think most of them trying to look like a dumb couse that will save thier ass

ill ask u all question:

- when u see somebody cheating on server and u ask cheater if he is cheating will he answer u that he do?

so im do have an idea wich may work used wisley wery good

- if someone will be busdes by mdtool or cvar check, hes going to "court" , "judge" explayn him about what he is accused and and he give him punishment
"3 years in preason for posesing iligal weapon in hang"
"3 year ban for posesing inligal helps in hang"

what measn in hang?

he will not go to preason to 3 years this time but if he will be busted again with "iligal weapon" no mater what explenation he will do have hes going to preason for 3 years withnout second wisit in "court"

u may see it alredy that comunity is an court and its like forum=court

that also means amnesty for meny ppl who do poseses iligal weapons and used them but we dont have solid proofs in eyes of this liberal lore

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niezle niezle ale i tak ruler rulezzzz:D

who's ur daddy??!!!

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good proposal HQ
offer it to the Administraters-forum and see what the poll concludes


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