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If you try to record your game as videos, here exist 3 sites Youtube , Facebook and Twitch for that.

I have experience now with stream live to all 3 at the same time.

On Youtube after you reach the limits you will be warned and video uploading will stop. It in the moment when moderator count your everyday add quake 3 videos showing nothing. I have 240 videos then admins inform me its the video spam. For other games it will end the same. After you post long and more videos you will be inform about spam and must stop uploading the same content.

Facebook have similar politics.

On Amazon Twitch you can store videos as highlights showing part of game. Shorter gameplay. For nothing beacoz for host mode is not used. BUT on Twitch you can stream live 24/7 and if you are off immedietely raid one channel from hosting list automatic. Premium cost only 3$ include monthly game. So i choose Twitch for future. Read rules is required. Here are not allowed visitors bots and addon software creating grow popularity by program with only cost money. Result in ban that channel. All must be organic. twitch good way if you not show there a horror games result in ban

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Re: Youtuber Streamer limits

I also stream on twitch, I the upload my clips to youtube and have a facebook page setup as well as discord server. Its all the same for simplicity sake.I dont just stream Quake III, I also stream Quake Champions, Oldschool Runescape (soulwars), and a variety of Nintendo games, with a preference for vintage games.

I joined your discord JIVA, hope to hear from you and play some games together.