[x]R.I.T 2015 // WPIERDOL 2:0 AMG or 2:1? \\

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1st Map [q3dm6] (wpierdol map)
#wpierdol[17 - 26] (in first map) AMG & #wpierdol [29 - 16] AMG (in second time)

2nd Map [overkill] (AMG map)
#wpierdol[235 - 221] AMG

~> Gametype: FTAG/TDM

~> Timelimit: 20.

~> Fraglimit: 0.

~> FriendlyFire: 0.

~> Config: Rofl.cfg.

~> Pure: Enabled/not in first map.

~> Punkbuster: Enabled.

~> Server: Mi3 War Server

~> Ref: Shadow (on first map) and MixerX, both i thanks.




What i can say about this clan war? It was the worst organisation ever, but we couldnt expect more from not seriously players (like i remember in past some1 from AMG players gone from cw vs me, it was Alone vs THC i think so).

Then how it was from beggining; We started from wpierdol map, it was dm6, and in middle we (wpierdol clan) saw that pure is off. Then we msg to Shadow, he didnt response on it. After some minutes, he wake up and couldnt make pure on. We knows it wont be ranked game, if we wont have it on, thats why we wanted replay this map.

Whatever, AMG won this first map (without pure ON), then we gone to second map. It was overkill (after many choices/changes maps from leadership of AMG) in tdm gametype. In this map Shadow go away, and 4th player from AMG (Kuperon). We replace Shadow on MixerX, and from now Mix was a ref.

We (wpierdol clan) won this map, and we decide to talk about 3rd map or reply a first map, beacause it was valid. After many words, they accepted to reply dm6. In this time they didnt play so good, and we started winning, then they started talking about leaving, eating, sleeping etc. After it some1 from them left his clan, and it was 2vs3, then we ends this comedy.

It was 3vs3 game, we knows its not map for 3vs3, same like overkill, but on every maps both accepted it (we and AMG). Its everything i have to say. Rest u will see in screenshots, and Mix will wrote and second side (AMG).

Take care everybody!

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Re: R.I.T 2015 // WPIERDOL 2:0 AMG or 2:1? \\

Hello, I'll put my entry to this. Zydek asked me and Kersy to ref but when we came to the server, we were told they had already got Shadow to ref. Kersy left and I agreed with wpierdol to stay and spec in their team.

In the middle of the first map (dm6, ftag, wpierdol's choice), wpierdol noticed Pure wasn't on. They asked Shadow to put it on, he didn't reply for a few minutes and 5 minutes before the end of map he returned and said he can't enable it, so teams finished with Pure off. After the map ended, Shadow left.

I immediately enabled Pure but AMG Kuperon was already gone. The rest of AMG players passed Pure check so I asked them to call Kuperon back. Since all of them passed, and Kuperon passed on previous CW's, I thought it'd be reasonable (by my logic) just to take a screenshot afterwards and go on, but he didn't return.

We went on with AMG's map, which was 3v3 tdm on Overkill (it's not in 3v3 list but wpierdol agreed to play it). After the map ended, both teams couldn't agree on what to do next since wpierdol refused to accept dm6 with Pure off.

After some debate, I asked whether AMG wants to replay dm6 with Pure on. Stylish said he doesn't mind, Rus74 didn't say anything and Tequila said 'ok'. So I loaded it and they started. After a few minutes, Tequila said he 'thought it was tie map', then he said he's hungry and quit.

I told both sides that I can't decide whether the first map is acceptable for the tournament or not. Either Echo decides it is acceptable, then the result is 1:1 and tie map has to be played, or it's not acceptable, and the result is 2:0 for wpierdol (basically WO because only 2 AMG players remained on server).

In my opinion, the rules are one thing and being reasonable is another one. It's not AMG's fault that the game started without proper settings and since they won, they of course find it unfair to cancel the result. Wpierdol, on the other hand, spent a lot of time trying to communicate with Shadow, losing time and points at it, so accepting it might be again unfair for them. I tried to be clear with both sides when communicating the options and did my best to make sure everyone understood. It's up to Echo now. Demos from Overkill and replayed half of dm6:


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Re: R.I.T 2015 // WPIERDOL 2:0 AMG or 2:1? \\

lol good game) no matter what the score, it was fun)