Win10, hires fix, new cfg.

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Hi,I miss good old times with q3a and our community. I wanted to play again my favourite game but I don’t have my old configs and my Quake 3 on Steam don’t work propetly. Can anyone write here instruction step by step how to configure this game after installation? I wish to play in my native 1440p (2560x1440). Also could be nice to upload clear cfg with all important commands. Instruction of setup Excessiveplus mod would be also great. I feel like noob long long years ago before I started to play q3. ^^

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Re: Win10, hires fix, new cfg.

Hi crucifix, welcome back, and check out your pm Happy

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Re: Win10, hires fix, new cfg. follow this guide , use latest q3e

Your welcome to join our discord for more info, if you join say your from e+ and welcome back Winking