why now we not see here long pro / why no clans

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Re: why now we not see here long pro / why no clans

Quake 3 is overall dead.E+ is a big part of my life as I even met my wife here, but this game has no future. Sometimes I got that urge to play some plusN.cfg but it happens like 2 times per year and usually I'm to lazy to even do it. Im checking this forums less than 10 times a year and seeing no new event and no traffic at all makes me kinda sad. If you wanna have something to look forward to then there is a big-ass chance we gonna get Quake 1 reboot (just like they rebooted Wolfenstein and Doom). Propably 2023 Winking but hey maybe it's gonna be decent enough and we could make some clans there in future xd After I left E+ I came back to being a console player. Anyone got ps5/4 account? Or perhaps Nintendo Switch? I would be happy to add some familiar faces Winking