WASP vs HK :: TAG FW :: 18 February 2009

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WASP (Americas Division) vs. HK TAG Fun War.

# Date: Wednesday, 18 February.

# Time: 9:00 PM (21:00) US Eastern Standard Time (New York, USA)
11:00 PM (23:00) Santiago, Chile time.

Please be professional and come early.

If you do not live in these time zones please click the following link to see the time difference:



# Server: DHF
# IP and Port:

# Matchtype: Fun War
# Timelimit: 7 minutes
# Players: 3 min / 5 max
# Fraglimit/Capturelimit: None
# Config: Plus.cfg

# Map order:
1. Q3DM6 - HK's Map
2. Q3DM11 - WASP's Map
3. Q3DM7 - (Tie Map -- HK's choice)

# Friendly Fire: OFF
# Punkbuster: ON
# Pure Server: ON
# Camp Protection: ON


NOTE: HK and WASP members MUST use their respective Clan Tags.

Let's have a clean and fun match - Good Luck to all.

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WASP vs HK :: TAG FW :: 18 February 2009

Hm, I would enjoy this fw. I hope I will be awake Winking)))

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WASP vs HK :: TAG FW :: 18 February 2009

gl&hf both clans Winking