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Re: Vote for RANKING MOD.
.aNk/xXxp4l/:bR.Shady'XYN! wrote:

Voted for DarkAngel. He seems mature and skillful enough coder to pull this job. Let's also make ranking co-moderators out of BlackRose, Fala, Invisible, Roni, and everybody in both Banana and Extreme. This is the only way to stop e+ from dying., as their agendas will not be esotheric at all and self-guided at all, just for the good of whole community.

Well funny for me or You, but the scary part is that most of people on this board
think exactly like u described it Surprise Shock Surprise

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Re: Vote for RANKING MOD.

Nuh-uh. Otherwise their lobbying of making Invisible (a Russian young man, clearly unable to write and comprehend english without a google translator) a moderator, as well as them Administrators would have passed. As well as joining of MR clan, usurping of any logic on e+ and creating a massive black hole which would suck in Cooller, Cypher, Rapha, av3k, k1llsen, Vo0, funnyb, fluff, ahxnxa, Polos, Thresh, Fatal1ty and LeXer and proclaiming both of them (aint that a paradox since THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE) as "BEST QUAKE-BASED DEATHMATCH GAMER EVER!!!


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