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Maybe I just discover America for another time, but anyway I want to share some experience.
When I played on my map vq3dm19ctf3 at !!!RUS-RAIL-CTF!!! server, I saw that due to its config it would be better to move the flags from the upper platforms to lower ones. But I didn't do it then. Then I dropped mapping. Recently I return to this idea. But as I had deleted all the programs, their distributives and even my projects, I decided to make a proper vq3dm19ctf3.ents file. I zipped it into ents-vq3dm19ctf3.pk3 and sent it to the admin of the server.
When the file was at the server, I decided to test it. When I was alone at the server, I switched to 'referee', opened console and typed:
/ref map vq3dm19ctf3
The flags were at their new places.
Later I decided to train some movements on this map. I opened console and typed (but with Caps Lock now):
WTF?! The flags were at their old places!
Firstly, I thought that there was a bug or ents-vq3dm19ctf3.pk3 was corrupted or removed. I tested some variants. Further I made a conclusion:
Typing map names with capital letters makes the game engine to ignore *.ents files.
Unfortunately, it doesn't work with '/callvote map' command.