®ROFL2014 / R3: MK 2:0 TwT

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Re: ®ROFL2014 / R3: MK 2:0 TwT

here darkangel asks to check match vendetta vs C4, saying that suspected Roxor in cheating.

I answer it is impossible to catch a cheater when running E+ aWH... Easy, please check awh bugs!

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I'm waiting from developers GetSS a workable system!

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Lazy bastards...

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Re: ®ROFL2014 / R3: MK 2:0 TwT

yup, sorry roxor i know u are cool guy and all that, but u had some odd shots as fuck Happy . back in the days, when some ppl killed me in odd ways and i felt it, in couple of weeks later on those dudes where banned as cheaters...i cant say u are clear or u are cheater, im 50% of both sides...its just u are that dude that kills me in that odd ways Happy and i dont have that problem with anyone else, besides u and gmz. Just my two cents. Anyway this isnt the thread to speak about it, if you want debate about this go ahead and post stuff here: http://www.excessiveplus.net/forums/thread/cheater-report-discussion-1

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Re: ®ROFL2014 / R3: MK 2:0 TwT

Yep, as above, discuss it there, this topic gets locked to avoid offtopic and spam