Please welcome .Wasp.Player and .Wasp.Prowler

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Please welcome .Wasp.Player and .Wasp.Prowler to (.Wasp.Blacklist.)!

Both have been members for the last month and have been practicing hard to represent WaspBlacklist to the best of their abilities. I know they will be an integral part of the team.

Special thanks to KhaoZDragoN (Kobr4) for recruiting these fine members.

Long live WASP.

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Please welcome .Wasp.Player and .Wasp.Prowler

Good luck in Wasp Blacklist, guys (: I hope that you will stay there for long to (:

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PANTY wrote:

Kono ookii na shokushu de kimi wo reepu-shite mo ii desu ka

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Please welcome .Wasp.Player and .Wasp.Prowler

gl guys , u made right choise Winking

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