Old school E+ settings

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Hi Guys,
PLayed this MOD a long time ago - where BFG's could propel you around the map and you spawned with every weapon which was usually a one shot kill. I can't seem to setup a local server in this way. Is there some kind of .cfg file that contains this? Am i missing something completely obvious?
Thanks for your help.

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Re: Old school E+ settings

this is set in the games cfg, there are lots here
and attached is a copy/remake of e5r, not perfect but at least something.
if you are after the mode with multijumps you want the plus or plusn cfg. or whatever is used on the freon server, i believe thats based on something else.

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Re: Old school E+ settings

look on my server MUSHROOM
there is used config Tiger
most used weapons is e5r style , but have plusN combination
server is absolute secure anticheat full protect
try it in next weekend
come on lets make compare in server spider results
bot is any next map different
password is war
or in another words , let comment here
or here https://www.excessiveplus.net/forums/thread/tiger-dragon-arena
simply defeat one bot one round one time in week
this way server spider write your result to list
all players play in Freon pub