®O.S.R.C.II || 3M 2:0 RSQT || 10.03.12

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Re: O.S.R.C.II || 3M 2:0 RSQT || 10.03.12

we have now already 1 or 2 clans what will easy beat 3m. just wait to right round and careful about your w0w they lost so much Happy

its comming Winking and ist normal. when some1 is strong/best. in some time will come better and stronger Happy

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Re: O.S.R.C.II || 3M 2:0 RSQT || 10.03.12

was the need to write it I was

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Re: O.S.R.C.II || 3M 2:0 RSQT || 10.03.12

Clan 13 is better than 3m imo, maybe this new guys from qlinsta panda3 will make 3m sweat also, so its not one clan monopoly on e+ zydek (not anymore)

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Re: O.S.R.C.II || 3M 2:0 RSQT || 10.03.12

zydek u are wrong, there are now few clans who can give us a sweet clan war to play x)

anyway, i still remember how with our begining squad, we played vs top stars here in e+ and won, and all was wtf :]]]]
this also can hapen with 3m, we have great players in our clan yes, but also there are other clans who do have top players and great teamplay, everything can hapen.

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Re: O.S.R.C.II || 3M 2:0 RSQT || 10.03.12

Who cares anyway, if you cant have fun even when your loosing then you should stop playing this game ! its the same as THC looses all FW's vs DIE and still wanna play vs DIE cuz you all are my bitches in the end anyway Tongue

anyway, this is a league RSQT and other ( weaker clans ) know they will get "owneT" by strong clans, else they should not sign in.

Just try to have fun even if you have no chances like pTs vs 3M on rr, we even had to take time out cuz of funny thing and where laughing all the time even if they kicked our ass, and thats what its all about, HAVING FUN WITH FRIENDS !

so FU all and enjoy more !

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Re: O.S.R.C.II || 3M 2:0 RSQT || 10.03.12

Praying AMEN Not worthy

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Re: O.S.R.C.II || 3M 2:0 RSQT || 10.03.12

GG, Lol@jeffs vid Tongue

cheers, divin