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Hello fellow quakers, let me welcome you to the new News section witch I will be arranging. This will be just a test to see how you like it and wether there is any interest to be informed about stuff happening on this forum and mod.

Let's start of with cups that are in progress:

-TDM League 2012-

Current standings :

Round #6 Scores :

Upcoming matches:

Vendetta vs MU should be a fun match if they still have some sparks left from CTF Cup few months ago.
Xed: “Easy game!”
Majonesi: “#$%!@detta!”
Dranzer:“@##$%!” Big grin

Looking forward to it!

It's aproximatly half of the league so anything can happen. No question that MR and Hyper are main contendors for 1st place.

Moving on to Railonly section.

The -OSRC 3- cup is currently in progress. Only two round have been played and the table looks like this:

Next round :

For now Infected has proven like a tough opponent by beating ?dunno! 2:0 match report here.
Also if you dont already know this cup uses different maps than standard ones so if you havent already downloaded them I suggest clicking on this link and do it. Download here or Download here .

Thats a note for team also!

Deadline for Round3: 10.12.2012-16.12.2012

On Duel side we had nice cup on plus config thanks to Lets hope he will do it again in future.
Standing are here:

  • 1st place: FPS - takes home the chocolates.
  • 2nd place: TOXIC - takes home the good time he had
  • 3rd place: JackD/Beng
We have upcoming 1v1 railonly cup organized by You have 2 more days to signup if you already didnt. Semi-finals and Final match will be streamed. Negotiations are in progress on who will stream it. I am not at liberty to say who gave the highest bid for now. Big grin
For more detailed stats I would suggest you to visit our ranking site

Special Thank you goes to for organizing FRAGFESTS for our fun and enjoyment. Lets hope he does it again in future but with fixed spawn protection. Big grin


Plus config
Sign up here >>

Railonly config

Sign up here >>

Map is the same and you can download it from here !

Rank update >>> 02.12.2012
Introduced permanent ban for XVIBenedykt. Reason: using active hack - wallhackwith a chance to appeal after 6 months passes (2.05.2013). In case the accused would like to cooperate with the Anticheat Team and hand over all of his intelligence regarding tool he used, as well as statean official apology, his sentence will be significantly reduced.
For supporting Benedykt while not using this tool Trance and Kerl are given a permanent yellow card. Please note, any following rank violation will result in a red card ban.

Forum news.
If you are tired for looking nice and simple layout for posting CW results look no further because said his is perfect and you are free to use it! WOOHOO! Big grin
In other news Bax aka Fireman raged again on TDM League organisation and quit the leage. Call me
InstaStars have a new clan tag.
Beer Freezer is no longer 1st in spider!!! Surprise

Ruska bratja! Big grin

If you think spectators should not be kicked from full servers write your contribution here:

A note for arranging Clan Wars, Fun Wars Practice Clan Wars etc. use GAB for easier communication. It will make your life easier. Gabba gabbing?

Thanks for reading and I hope I will do this next week again.

Cheers and happy fragging!cl_timenudge 0 !!