New Rank Mods & The Rank Team

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Hello everyone,

These are hard times for e+ with more and more cases of cheating in our fellowship.

I am pleased to announce 2 new Rank moderators: Blitz & Camel
They already been known as good ppl with unbiased senses, wanting to help the e+ community in the fight against the hackers/cheaters rebellion.

Hard times, desperate measures. This is why we will have a new structural Rank team called rank+.
Its purpose is to eradicate the rebellion, clear the streets, giving righteous decisions when the time is need.

This team will consist in:
Rank Moderators - as Leaders of this team, helping the team where others cannot go and getting also involved where/when they can.
Rank Members - as Team members, wanting to help in the decision making without Rank Moderator powers but still with good skills of finding cheaters and a fanatic mind to eradicate rebellion.

Members not accepted in the rank team:
- the players that have bad influence in the community,
- old hackers/cheaters cannot join
- unknown players (must be enough known in the community)

older rank mods are ok to be in as long as they are not run out by the above acceptance rules.

How can you help, if don't wanna take part of this team?
- help the rank members and support e+ as a clean place.

What to do to join this team?
- send a message to one of the rank Moderators.
Submissions will be analyzed according to the above acceptance rules (you will be also available very soon in the team's forum).