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Project Quake 3 Web

I want to prepare such a website:

The basic framework schema:
Picture Frame artwork with the theme of Quake 3 Arena, the game character protrudes beyond the frame. Under the picture to be small text information line with a time stamp, this line in the right part of the screen should be informative when it comes pm Report flashing display new messages pm and on here is the account and register for members. Under the picture, and the thin line of the menu. Menu is across the width of the page, and each item vyrolovávají to the bottom of thin sublists belonging to a menu item, see below. The body of the page consists of a left side, center, and right like facebook. On the right is a list of people. The site is also a version for mobile phones. as fb offline online people. At the bottom of the chat option. There is one plugin. This plugin is required with audio and video connections. An example of such videkonferenčního plugin is VideoVhispers commercial chat plugin.

Menu items:
on the left is a list of people line players, should allow people to view sheet and visually search for a name, then look for the individual person typing in the search. Accounts have individual players should be able to color names that our community uses. It is a utility qname available on our existing site A person who is able to add these names to php pages and php forum is "GG" on our community. More details of how to get there is with her. This is the list of people PLAYERS. one has to be possible to form a group for any group communicating at a joint conference on audio or common channel. Since it is also a version for mobile phones. Waiting for that page will be displayed on the PC in addition to such tablet in an upright position where it can be used as an adjunct to communicate for touch-wringing, the group of players group. Version of the mobile site is purely this objective. Conference means for up and 8 members of the PLAYERS list.
For players to be the menu item Clans, clans, which are teams of players a few people long allied groups that compete among themselves. One clan members from gaining PLAYERS people through invitations, invitation view to the clan belongs to the thin line where it has an informative flash. On item clans should be able to set up clan, gaining members and deleting them away from the position of leader of the clan. To be able to pass on the position of the leader of another member clan should have its "storefront" with a picture and a list of members. All names are used qname which is our identity and where it is not alphanumeric names. So Clans list procházitelných clans.
Another item in the menu Challenge, notice signs where you can officially call on behalf of one clan to others struggle with confirmed arrival after playing to complement results.
RANK item, there is one who is weighed against how good a player of our games. Let me explain. The front page space is to present an ongoing event EVENT tournament. It is important that each had the opportunity to build a map of the event, the players must be able to see it in the front page and vote or otherwise log into the possible participation in the tournament. Once the tournament is approved by ourselves that we want to play, then, is declared the tournament and then play a few months several clans, or even a sponsorship prize. Everything is a matter of agreement of the members of the community. It should be earning scores and document uploads, recurring entries from the game demo file and upload screenshots to score. Here in RANK need a nice table as possible, we need an animated list which team or player has how many points and how many times round is played (usually on weekends) around like in other sports. We are an international, account seems so there were also flags, so the table universally usable for more tournaments now when you enter the event for approval by the community, this will be revealed in a front page and should be declared as a list of tournament rules which usually alphanumeric text is an option programmatically put options how to play the system needs a spider or a round robin system and then complement for the table that would let alone build, then there would be no commission to the people on it. we need a supply of colored fonts of different sizes where appropriate Cyrillic rather than the need for writing smileys organized event. It seems to notice signs that the event is crucial. We want space for ASCIIArt or at least a nice fonts. As Announced event, has to appear in Ranka framework clogging score of wheels and proof of demos and screenshots to upload, the leaf table in about Fles as Olympic studio who is on what rung. List demos and screenshots crawl years. We should also ask the people on our existing site which are renowned tournament organizers as Q3FAN and discuss with them the possibility of sponsored compete for valuable prize to the computer.
Another item is a video of our community with the engine Quake 3 Arena has the ability to create video from games, the best cuts of music scene. Categories, who makes a better video is also an unwritten RANK. There is the possibility to record here our best video, best to have them in a version to view and download with these authors.
Item STREAM, most importantly, it videorozhodčí. I want that when someone connects to the server of the game Spider later, so that a plug began to capture the player's screen and broadcast it to everyone to see this as an item on television. At least the number of transmissions necessary though not for everyone and release tournament. Observing how to spectate who plays under the stream will reveal if someone used a trickster little program for automatic intervention into enemies like. Otherwise, it is necessary to write in C anticheatovou ocharnu programmatically to Quake 3 engine, Q3FAN this would perhaps even paid extra.DOWNLOAD item, are among the most material to the quake 3 arena those materials that are freely available. From pointrelease declining to Linux servers Quake 3 is that a lot of what I'd like to see, including source code for Quake 3 arena themselves that are up for grabs, and also a studio for making their own maps. Our excessiveplus community is to a certain extent about this, it is therefore another unwritten RANK who is doing what and all sorts of things for Quake 3, from maps to the configuration of our most common mode excessiveplus. So there would be already finished our materials and other things to do so generally developing, kutilskému.
It does not exactly how it should be, just like rough but somewhere there must be a penpal PM messages of members among themselves on the area should be to shout, not to miss anything we are used to from our existing site pol. FORUM need a long discussion, and it is necessary to account PLAYER player was administered simultaneously with color name on the page, while color named the same account in the iframe bbforu advise "GG" of excessiveplus I told her uniform account with names qname item TeamSpeak community needs to maintain communication interface embed template TEAMSPEAK3 in one item with the option to connect to our channel excessiveplus ts3server: // channel = Lounge is necessary to inquire further and I'll just pay
SERVER SPIDER, another php template that can embed add to the page. Everything you need is to download the existing excessiveplus. Should contain MasterServer ioquake 3 and excessiveplus which will issue the final list of about 500 quake 3 arena servers world. This is the fourth unwritten rank who has the best Quake 3 server that is better played as well as we compete with each other. Spider sortuje Server servers Quake 3 and should allow to join the game run Quake 3 + parameters and switching extra plugin to capture the image for videorozhodčího STREAM, I'm not quite sure how I did it but I know a person from the community who made a similar page with streaming.

The page has to be steely with Paterno metal as a military walkie-talkie with a motif of green canvas, not khaki. eg in forum posts, on the site, most of the watches in the evening and at night, the green menu, the main goal of the page is a quake 3 Headquarters primarily as a social headquarters nay talkie, add a lot of social buttons

it should be a window for sponsors and provide cooperation of the organizers of tournaments which everything can be DOPT on our community excessiveplus every me there knows, everybody knows what's going on now is the year 2016 league organizer Q3FAN, saying he was glad to make the tournament sponsors when they succeed in giving together videorozhodčí or anticheat program that production would also have paid and then was in charge of the prize tournaments

that's terms of reference, see it to 100 000 to 200 000 CZK from meI pay every month from my pension benefits from my 2000-5000kč 9200earnings when they sponsor more somehow sold things on pc add to the repayment of the project, respectively q3fan as another possible investor

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Re: New Quake 3 Web

Jiva, thanks for the effort man, but please.... get a girlfriend >.<