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Dark Rabarbar
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Re: New Forum Moderator

Haha will be funny Big grin GL MAN Big grin

!@#$%&*( terror )_
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Re: New Forum Moderator

ommg omgg omgomgomg cant wait to write some shit just for u to delete it Happy
... unless Rage will be quicker :E (he is damn quick, sometimes i push "send" and realize that Rage already is deleting my post :E )

gl + hf

edit: btw Ascari ? seriously kick him from mods xD or dont pay him !! he isnt doing his job :XD

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Re: New Forum Moderator

your post is already being edi

.aNk/xXxp4l/:bR.Shady'XYN! wrote:
Fuck! I just thought of the most awesome pun about the BC vs Smurfs final game and the flames that followed :
"In Soviet Moldavia, Pole rages YOU"
like 2 months after Call me

3M'darkangel wrote:
// 09:30:49 27.06.2010, UNKNOWN LOCATION,
Name { "Biotoxin" }
IP { "localhost" }

SHUDDER wrote:
People are training hard to hide their autoshoot so well while gain enough skills to win (or at least compete on similar level) without them. This is getting insane or provoked. I feel like I would cut myself with Ockham's Razor if I claim a cheat there.

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Re: New Forum Moderator

Really good move. GL mate. Happy