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Arrow Morphine®: actually a MEDKIT that temporary (for 5 sec.) boost your health thus protect against one rail or gauntlet hit (replaced armors on map)
Arrow Rail: insta kill (morphine exception!). (800ms cycle)
Arrow Rocket: insta kill. small splash damage. (800ms)
Arrow Grenades: Plus-like move weapon. Insta on direct hit (except FTAG); no splash dmg. (600ms)
Arrow BFG: Plus.cfg-like move weapon. No dmg! (800ms)
Arrow Gauntlet: insta kill (morphine exception!)
Arrow Grapple: FTAG only - pulls frozen bodies

Arrow Switch specification: [raise] + [drop] + [shot delay]
- fighting weapons: 150 + 0 + 250 = 400ms - not faster than half of cycle time*
- move weapons: 150 + 0 + 100 - can change faster to other weapon after shoting (fast combo moves or move+shot combo)
- gauntlet: 0 + 0 + 100 = fast situational switch
*this way there is no possibility for "combo advantage" since small lags during heavy action are excluding players from this feature.
Switch skill gives 1 more shot/weapon (more weapons in next release) per standard cycle. Hardly effective nade spam is still possible.

Arrow Ammo By default: infinite rail + 2 rockets with 2sec regen (spam protection). Bots cant use mixed count so they cant use railgun with this setting.
can be changed by variables (see below).

Arrow Variables: actually tests leftover, but making useful minor changes.
xp_antiCamp: [sec.] anticamp protection time (0=off)
wp_rocket*: number of rockets. (rocket pickup switch)
wp_rail*: number of slugs. (infinite switch)
*see inside config for more info - good for forcing other weapons (for bots too using mixed count)

Arrow Morphine feature - details:
The main problem to be solved was medkit - it increases health to start level and I couldn't allow players to have "morphine" advantage after every respawn. I've used armor as a counterbalance. Technically: armor raises at start from 50 to 100 according to health drop from starting level 150 to 100 (takes 5 seconds). Rail does 200 dmg so it will kill instantly, but when you use medkit you will have again 150-100 health drop but with no more counterbalance so you will survive the shot for 5 seconds after using it.
It has some other consequences - after surviving rail shot u will loose whole armor which will take 10 secs to fully recharge and for first 5 secs it will stay below 50 so another (just picked up) medkit within 5 secs after being hit won't give any protection. Which is good because it prevents unfair advantage when camping at second medkit.

It looks a little bit messy on your hud with initial healt&armor change, but its neccesary since medkit can't be configured separately. I tried with 100-105 vs 95-100 balance which looks better (counts time in seconds) but then it forces me to involve armors cause 1 point/sec armor regen will allow to use morphine again after 95 secs (or being fraged) - it would make gameplay too complicated (or make medkit as a one-time option).

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Re: morphine.cfg | 1.0

Fix (no version change): I've uploaded file with 1.05 hitbox size that seems to cause errors in FTAG games (sticky and/or dissapearing frozen bodies) - Back to 1.0 now.