Killer stepping down as leader of WASP and WASP2

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Hello WASP members and E+ Community,

Today (30 April 2008) will be my last day as official leader of WASP and WASP2.

This is a planned voluntary decision that I felt was necessary based on my age (45), available time, and how best to advance WASP.

I will remain active although my time will be greatly restricted to Fridays through Sundays.

I plan to take on the role of Administrative Manager and assist the leaders of both WASP divisions with the tedious tasks of Forum management (announcements regarding new members, resigning members, match announcements, etc.), Clan DB updates, maintaining the web site and E+ server (for the Americas Division) and other similar tasks. Hopefully, this will leave both leaders with more time to concentrate on recruitment, practices and matches.


A new leader will be recruited for the Americas Division and also for the European Division. Both leaders will have complete authority over the management of their Divisions and are not subordinate to each other.

Term and I will not interfere in either Division's management unless a leader abandons his division or fails to keep it active.

Anyone interested in either position please PM me.


I would like to thank Term for personally inviting me to join WASP2 and then 2 weeks later making me leader of WASP and WASP2.

Its been a hell of a ride especially since WASP2 was my 1st Clan. Talk about a baptism by fire. But I enjoyed every minute of it. Even the harrowing first 3 months when both Clans consisted of 3 active members and every time I got a new member it seemed as if someone else would leave.


I would like to thank all current and former members of WASP and WASP2 whom I had the privilege of leading. What a great bunch of guys.


To the current members, WASP will be in a better position with this decision. Administration is one of my strong skills and I assure you that the new leaders will have more tactical and strategic CW skills than I possess.

In the meantime, I will remain as acting leader and I ask you to remain committed to our practices and matches.

Long live WASP.

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Killer stepping down as leader of WASP and WASP2

Thankyou for your dedication Killer.

Your passion to plan, organise & execute has definitely taken it's toll on the clan in a positive sense.

I encourage your re-classification should it be for your best, and the clans best.

Best Regards,


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Killer stepping down as leader of WASP and WASP2

Awww Killer, I don't know what is happening to WASP2 right now but I am really worried about the present situation Crying In all cases, you were a very good exemple as a leader (the best I know so far), and it's with big sadness that I accept your decision Thinking