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My web, library, program and book.

Here is my work www.tigerhareram.cz please share on social networks

translate my book to other languages and use my program

what is in program and book :

theme is brain work , with use the software for eyes and ears load the dose sounds and optical information resulting in changes brain work , three types effects > speed, slow, up dimension

1 - speed + hallucination brain is optical information 1-10

2 - slow is in audio switches listen and in book is tutorial

3 - up dimension is used sound wake-up-1 , wake-up-2 and probuzeni

book is in second half about another themes , first half describe howto brain remaster changes

where is players in quake life ? quakers ? I install quake life after gone Linux beacoz outdated

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Re: JIVA's book [CZ]

there are many players in quakelive, just find benice pub server and play there always full.

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