Is this a dream or did it really exist?

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I often get memories of the New Year/post-New Year time. When I was a child, I logged onto all the servers in a row. Perhaps this server was full of bots, I don’t remember. It was another server with multijump and instagib rail, but what I remember was how various inscriptions were laid out from game items (healts, armor, etc.).
It seems that something was written both on the left and on the right (see picture). In the center there was definitely an inscription indicating the new year (2007-2008, or maybe even 2006), using many 5 hp for this. It also seems... On this server there was some kind of physics for objects, that is, when you shoot at them, they begin to move. That is, you could shoot from rail at 5 HP and it would fly far away.
In general, does anyone remember something like this? Or does anyone have any screenshots? I know it sounds stupid, but it is something valuable to me XD
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Re: Is this a dream or did it really exist?

looks like something Ney would make on their sodmod servers back then.

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