How to bring back competion to E+.

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Re: How to bring back competion to E+.

dont worry bo3m you improved since u joined and i consider myself also as a normal skilled player Winking

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Re: How to bring back competion to E+.

About fakenicking,
I think all uniques are playing on their tags, apart of ultima which
is very hard to convince even on fw to wear a unique's tag.
And yes, I agree about fakenicking and joining clan which seems more present.
If clans like thc, da or rs would start playing on their tags, they would
become more interesting to clanless players, which are playing on publics (doah).
Simple as that.

Would be freaking awsome to see publics full of tagged players Big grin
Then also would be easier to arrange fast, spontanic FW, just by asking players on publics.

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Re: How to bring back competion to E+.

The site is important factor here so big F1 for "community news" instead of boring "technical news". Im glad there are ppl willing to do this kind of stuff - gl guys. I'm not familiar with dedicated server side but there is sth like spectators server for live matches broadcast - it would be great to have sth like that - is that possible here or it's expensive or sth?

Community needs to be entertained/involved. How popular football would be (older game than q3 btw.) if the only information you recieve is: "Bayern 2 : 1 MU, gg"? This kind of game (strictly competitive without story-line) needs to generate emotional attitude through matches,events and (where mentioned fakenick problem comes in) friends, known players and ofc "stars".

Other 2 issues in short just to point out:
- lots of stupid config servers (and default is baseq3) => high chance for bad first impression (no impression at all)
- newbie "unfriendly" site/installation => game ok , but no time for reading manuals just to start play normally.

I know this post is not giving solutions to e+ mod problems, but pointing out weak spots that actually can be improved could be at least a start to sth more constructive.