How a bout we make our own mapping application

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Re: How a bout we make our own mapping application

stop it sander ... because the limitations are not from gtkradiant you can try ANY map editor and you will get the same results the problem is quake 3 he has some LIMITS from whitin the code ... so you cant do anything about that ! except maybe chaging the exe which i dont think that beast+ will like (won't implement?? (-: )

but even this wont have the expected result ... : you will be able to play it using only the modified mod ....

Valve's 3d engine is completely different in there you can do many other stuffs and that's logical since he was released after q3 ... you can have many types of functions there since hl 1 .. and hl 2 is beyond you can think .. just look at gmod for example

but our discussion is about q3 and particularly e+ so no i don't think that any team of devs will try to do those things into q3 .. yeah maybe some snatches but limited.

just to think that q3 dont have a D3D platform by now .. and i ask myself why? there were ppl that had problems with OGL (i don't know about now)

and also i agree with Monk that you can have detailed maps mainly because of the bsp tree and shaders .. its not the finest yeah hl 2 engine is better and ofc q4 better too ( i dont know about mapping in q4 aldue)

Also i can tell that the next generation of ids shooters will be wow compared to these ... (id Tech 5 & 6)