High Quality Quake v2.5

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High Quality Quake v2.5

tried it the other night. for me it lags bad (because my pc cant handle it) my freind also tried, his pc is better and it didn't lag him. i didn't notice many differences though, maybe because other pk3 files were beeing used over the top. so my sounds and weapon skins were my usual and not from this high quality mod. i like the menu styles. the scoreboard numbers had a nice font. the new weapon bar is not bad, a little odd imo, and apparently the sounds are different but i couldn't stand 25fps for more than 2 minutes and chose to remove it. i guess these changes would just take getting used to, wouldn't effect concentration though. if i had a better pc i would stick with it a little longer to properly test it. i will play the sound files tonight to see what they r like.
the installation was not how i expected. beeing packaged in a .exe
i expected just the pak9.pk3.
it unpacked the pak9.pk3 and also a quake3.exe, was a little sus, but i dont know about these things (although i trust quakeunity website)
also the next day (after i thought i had removed everythign) i noticed my shortcut to q3 folder on my desktop had been changed to point to the pak9.pk3 Surprise this was an unwanted change, so i had to delete it and make new shortcut.
all in all, i would say give it a try if u think your pc is good enough.
for me though the changes are not what i look for in q3.
maybe this is usefull when developing videos. for higher quality.

thank you for the link trax.

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High Quality Quake v2.5
+DoctoR+PHC wrote:

specially for anubis Tongue


screens from original page, u should just read carefully Happy

Cool, thanks,

its real nice coincidence - concerning quake's quality.
I have done something more deeper then you in some ways, some time ago.. I'l(you can too u know) contact you personally then i come back to e+ arenas. Why cause i see you have some experience i have too some, with higher quality, and better compatibility with slower machines and etc. We can finish new project gathering both work/ideas together.
Anyway then I'll find some interest and time i will finish what i started sooner or later. I just don't wanna see here some worthless competition, e+ doesn't need that.

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High Quality Quake v2.5

Is this new q3 allowed in pure servers?