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.aNk/xXxp4l/:bR.Shady'XYN! wrote:

ahh u see, i got again the impression u do have something against me, and u want again prove to yourself twisting everything up the N time, where even the topic u made have lost its priority, that i am so rotten man that i do not understand the jokes, it exactly shows how wrong i was :}

I am addicted to life.

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Re: hi

Please, i have screenshots and audio logs of you, Sync and Ordus conspiring against everyone. Incubus is just a sock puppet you all installed to further your agenda. I will expose the cabal and bring it all down.


Look at this, clearly you used this account to test cheats, probably triggerable speedhack.


This is only one of the victims of your slumming, i already have chatlogs, condumps and telephone conversations recorded from that guy and sent them to Interpol.


As you can see here, you even make fun of people by giving them such awards, meant to undermine their morale and make them play worse as a result. Low tactics from lowlifes.


You use Orbb's picture on that page to monitor everyone who goes on it but does not subscribe. It's really hooked up to an internal webcam that automatically takes pictures, flags and catalogues their accounts and gives you a handy shortlist of scapegoats and possible fake accounts to take for yourself after you ban the poor bastards.


There's a doom model even though this game is Quake, it was included there to confuse people and sell the franchise in the future when EA purches all the assets under false pretenses, yeah technically it was already in Quake 3 but that was only a promotional platform not a full on marketing scheme targeted at Joe Average, truly disgusting.


Sponge banned four people on October the 28th, which also *just* happens to be the birth day of Lenny Wilkens, meaning that he was reminded that black people exist and got angry, lashing out at randoms, proving that you all are racist. Coincidence that four is also the exact number of how many days an Eid al-Adha lasts for? I don't think so, which means you operate under Muslim directives, probably a private ownership deal from an oil baron. That's right, i know all about it.

Note also that if you translate "SyncError" into numbers, you get "19 25 14 3 5 18 18 15 18" and if you add all that up you get 135, which, put into letters, says IES, which stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. Illuminating? ENgineering? Society? Yeah, and i bet most of you went to Yale as well, huh? Winking I won't say anything more on this, i know what you're capable of...

The time is at hand, i will post an extremely informative post soon to expose you all for the frauds you all are.


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Re: hi

wow sounds like some conspiracy theory is about to unreveal itself, the end is near Happy

!@#$%&*( terror )_
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Re: hi
eu.jeff wrote:



haha thought the same thing Happy high five !!
btw I'm trying to chose between:
- add some flames and argue like an idiot, because I'm smarter and have bigger ego (lol awkward),
- make fun off everybody + add some meaningless photos,
- ignore and don't look here anymore (pls epsi help ! delete topic).
Which one should I pick ?

edit: I chose "ignore..." have fun in putting more anger in your heads Happy
also I forgive u shady for your "shitty behavior" didn't know the facts, but still would be nice to hear "sorry" from you for calling us "retards" on server in the first place...