Heartbeat.. (Update)

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Yes, we are still alive!

We've done much work since the last few weeks, fixed many bugs and optimized the network code.
Worked out a less bandwidth using system and added tons of new options!

The internal beta tests will start very soon and after that the 1.0rc2 version will be released.

This would be the pre-final version so you can have your time to test it and submit any suggestions or bug reports. You can also post your custom configurations at the forum and with a bit of luck you'll find your config included within the final release!

And while waiting you can download these little movies.
The first movie is using the "excessive3.cfg" and the second shows some in-game Return the Flag Special action with infinite ammunition.


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Heartbeat.. (Update)

Ave you people, who stay behind E+ mod. E+ is the best modification for quake3arena :!:

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