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Not fair he chooses himself as forum mod, there wasnt a poll, a guy who never took serious this mod, he even has probs to organise ts channels and u put ur hands in the fire for him? I m really sad because this place will finally die, hf camel i hope at least you act like a normal, not a drunked guy that wants to finish his life in a day and brothering all with ur p problems in ts(thought i have records about you doing the shame.) btw before you lock topics like tnt wo, the topic actually wasnt created for you, so take off your wo somewhere else you like. Before warning me the pathetic warns or 5th ban about me insulting, be sure who starts insulting meaning arghali, or expedion calling me gay, anal, etc, i caan understand u can feel identified with such adjectives not me. Since you locked topic without defendín myself i make this topic too in a combo of 2x, arghali take wo or not, u its up to bopohh to take a decision, not you or this try of mod. But there isnt doubt that how much u were scared to play vs us and putting the excuse of 2hrs. About the bullshit u say about u invited f4f clan as spect, u had to play vs LSF u had to respect that we didnt want none in srvr except ref, but you didnt, so stop saying bullshits and go learn smth u can at least teach your clan apart of showing the klown u could be, with 30 yeard old u re and with 3 years brain,chicken. A huge kiss polskas

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who enters into my anus kurwa!!!!!

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Re: forum moderator aka camel
#16: Do not create threads aimed at one person. Use other methods of communication
platforms instead (private messages function for examble), in such a case.