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Welcome to E+N Quakers!

Hi and welcome to excessiveplus news! this time we have a very interesting interview but a bit sad history that player like him, leave e+.... : (
Enjoy with his interview and ofcouse with the whole thread of news like matches! clans! and more!
lets start!

Railonly side

In ranking railonly side all is the same…as we told in our last news thread
We are in summer and there is no much activity. Ofcouse there are many fun wars...trains...the clans are getting ready for september - octuber...when all will be active!

F2B Clan still Leading in ranking with 8 wins.
In 2nd is E><TREME! clan with 7 wins and 1 match lost.
On 3rd place is 3M'CLAN Clan with 8 wins and 4 lost matches.

Plus side

Only two clan wars on this side and two of them are from SFC!
Mr vs F2B:
Tag/Mr 2:0 F2B
Mr vs F2B: (Final of SFC)
Tag/Mr 0:2 F2B
So, the next points will be changed in next news, as ranking sistem is counting them...at the moment this is what we have right now in ranking plus page:

[MR.] Clan is Leading in PLUS ranking with 13 wins.
In 2nd is unique Clan with 13 wins and 3 lost matches.
In 3rd place is E><TREME! Clan with 18 wins and 6 lost matches.
But remember, this section will be soon very active!

individual Rail Only (1vs1)

This week, was only one 1vs1 fight between Skullhead and Triv.
Skull vs Triv

Skull is leading in this rank with 6 matches played and all 6 are wins.
Ascari is 2nd with 5 matches played and all 5 are wins.
In 3rd place we have Marcus with 4 matches and all 4 are wins.

Individual Plus (1vs1)

Not much happened here…but in September this will change!!!
at the moment this is what we have got:

Seebz, still leading 1vs1 Plus ranking with 31 matches played, 25 wins, 6 lost.
Ascari is second with 11 matches played, 9 wins and 2 lost.
Ultima have a 3rd place with 13 matches, 10 wins and 3 lost.

Right now on E+ we have 14 Railonly Clans and 19 Plus Clans

Clans which are currently looking for players:

RSocKstar . RS* more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
.DARK|ANGELS. more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
EVOL more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
(IS) * more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
[clan]the blood brothers clan[/clan] more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
SOFT' more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
| DVINSK more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
HYPER more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
1337*5|<!|_|_5 more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
Lucky more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
*SNEAKY*BASTARDS more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
mi3 more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)
ALONE more about joining this clan HERE<-(click)

Clanless players looking for clan to join:


Player transfers:

qXy ---> Evol.qXy
Zaxtor ---> Zaxtor*R
Ebashu ---> Ebashu*R
Dan1a ---> Jumps*Dan1a
Larry ---> Hyper*Larry
Kross ---> Hyper*Kross
Trinity ---> Jumps*Trinity
Em3sel --->|MI3|Em3sel
DA.Zydek ---> Zydek
DA.Tr1ckz ---> Tr1ckz
DA.Nikos ---> Nikos

GL HF in your new clans!

You want a 1vs1 server and cant find it? here you have it!
DarK|Clan 1Vs1 PlusN
*Space Station BF6
*Retro Station BF6
!B@N@N@ 1vs1 Railonly
DarK|Clan Rail Only 1VS1
Admin: Camel
R2' Duel by [MaxRate.pl]
Admin: R2 clan


Having problems with finding:
- smooth server for ranked match (CW),
- someone to record mvd from match,
- someone with knowledge of server commands,
- someone who could explain all ranking rules,
- someone who could supervise & control match progress on server.

Don't worry, [clan]ref+[/clan] is a team of dedicated
people who will help u with all those problems.
Simply visit ref+ public forums and create a post.
Someone will contact You and help u with arranging your match.

As all you know....Mircwar decided to leave e+, more about it HERE thank you a lot for the interview m8 and good luck in your life!
In next week we have ready a 3 interviews...one of them will be a special one....surprice.
And as far as you all know...in September we will have only twise a month the section News+Interview.

Nickname: Mircwar
Age: 23
Country: Sweden
Clans/teams: Mr. and Dunno and .se (earlier I was in sub.swe, playstar and swe)
Mouse: Razer Deathadder
Mouse pad: Corepad Eyepad
How many years you play Q3? I bought it in 1999, played it for a year or two. Re-discovered it in 2005 at my school where they had the demo installed.
How many years you play E+? About 5 now.

#1 Tell us a bit more about yourself and about your gaming history, when you started to play Q3A, which was your first mod for Q3A, why you started to play this game?

When I got the game I played it vanilla on the old french joystick servers. After that I did some rocket arena and then quit games completely. I've played computer games since I was about 6 though, Wolfenstein 3D on my old old old Mac in 1994 was the defining moment in gaming for me, a real "wow" experience. For some reason I keep coming back to Quake, I dare say it's one of few 10 year old games that still beat what's being released today.

#2 Tell us about your hobbies and what you do in your free time when you are not in ‘’Quake World’’.

I'm a history nerd, so I read a lot and study in my own free time. Mostly military history. Being a student gives you access to all the databases where most scientific journals are published, so that's a goldmine for me. Other than that I guess I'm a pretty boring guy, I like to take a few cold ones with friends or alone. And sport. And hot girls - but I'm usually too shy for that.

#3 Also many know, that you dig cool video clips, so the question is:
Why you dig those old clips so often? And from were comes the passion to make them?

I'm not sure if you are referring to old songs @youtube. I've always been into obscure 80's songs, napster in the early 00's enabled me to discover music in a whole new way. Radio stations helped aswell, if i find some old remixes or gems not uploaded I tend to up them @ youtube. Their censorship is getting irritating though. I've been lucky to have people close to me with good taste in music. Queen is my favourite group.

#4 When you come to Excessive Plus at first time, what was your first impression?
Also which was your first clan?

E+ servers where the first that showed up in spider, when a cheater was running rampant on servers I joined forums to help bust him. After that you could say I was hooked, CTF was the thing that did it for me - it was fun. Very fun (this was before fast moves were being used Smug). I always wanted to join SWE since all players I looked up to played there, I was too noobish though. Hard eventually asked me to join sub.swe (which was all the rage back then, clans had sub.clans where they coached players - or so was the idea). That was my first clan.

#5 Tell us more about your old clans, some special person in? old memories?

Sub.swe was inactive, I think we had 2 or 3 FW's. Our first against DRT where we did good (I still have the demos somewhere). A second vs KO got cancelled after HQ got annoyed at one of our members. After a while sub.swe just fell apart. I was clanless for a good while after that (2006-2007). I Joined playstar after Keff kept nagging me to join non-stop, that was also a swedish-only clan. Didn't last long either, a few days at most. Big grin After that I was eventually asked to join SWE, the clan of my dreams, by Shell and I guess Hard too. SWE was as inactive as it got, a few fw's where we spanked butt.We had a good team back then, Shell was tearing up freeze servers and I was peaking aswell - there was only 1 player that regulary provided me with problems on Beer freezer. This would be late 2007 and early 2008.

The inactivity got too much and Shell left, after that the clan fell apart. I talked to Torzelan and we decided to leave it to play actively somewhere else. He knew what clan he wanted to ask and so did I, I only had one in mind I could imagine playing for. He told me to go for it. I saw Mr. were recruiting and was waiting for some of them to approach me, but they didn't. So I had to swallow my pride and ask Laktos. My only interaction with him on servers had been a episode where I told him to go fuck himself since he messed up teams, but Mona had put in a good word for me. So off we went. And we had a real blast.

#6 Why you joined Mr clan? And what you think about his future as clan in E+?

For a couple of reasons. First of all they never whined, there is nothing I can't stand as bad losers or whiners. They were quiet when they were being whipped, I always admired that. Second of all they had real top 3 potential, I wanted to help them become more competitive and relished the challange to breakthrough into the top. Few remember it but MR was never a winning clan during those years. It was not a clan top players wanted to join, it was a newbie clan.

As for the future, I think if they stick to the recipe of recruiting non-whiners and nubsters I think they will prosper. It's naive to think they will remain a top clan for all time, but that was never the goal either - the goal was always to have fun and never turn down a challaenge no matter how sucky or inactive we were Happy Many of the newbies that started off in Mr. are now some of the best Tag players around. And the astmosphere in the clan fostered a real team spirit I've never encountered anywhere else.

#7 What you think, which is your favourite clan at the moment in Plus side? And in Rail side? Also which is your favour player in E+?

I'm too inactive to give any updated judgement. I've always liked clans who don't whine, so that narrows it down quite a bit Happy SWE was always my personal favourite, I also consider them to be all time best. Hyper was by far the hardest clan I played in a CW, I always considered them a bit better than us. Most clans broke down in about 5-7 minutes after facing us, they never did. A few other clans provided hard challanges in FW's, RS at a point, ANK, and DA always had potential, F2B and FAG/UNIQUE. This was usually without Marcus playing though.

As for player I will say Laktos, he is all I always wanted to be, a more elegant and slightly better version of myself. Rix and MNC were playing pretty pretty good right before they went inactive. I've haven't been wowed by a player in quite some time now. But my top 3 players are Laktos, Marcus and Dancing shadow (when he gets 2 weeks of active playing) - they are as close as it gets to eachother skillwise. It's been an honor to play in the same clan as them, and if someone had told me that I would do that 2 years ago I would have loled and laughed it away. It was always my secret dream to play with those greats that I looked up to.

#8 What is your personal record in frags? And in score (thaw + frags)?

82 frags on overkill, I was hunting hard's record like crazy which I thought was 82, but I doublechecked and he did 72 xD Score wise I've done 116+ a couple of times on some odd maps like dm13 and dm7. I'd have to dig through screens to confirm, me and Laktos used to compete like this. He used to win but I had always better acc.

#9 And…your record of beer in litre that you ever drunk in game?

Computers and alcohol don't mix. But 8 beers was the lastest during midsummer =/

#10 Why you decided to ‘’leave’’ ?

For a bunch of reason. First and foremost I think I could do better things with my life. Second of all, I don't have fun anymore - I can't get used to the new mod and frankly I think it's downright bad. And I don't want to be an old whiner, it's better to leave in silence and let a new generation take over.

#11 You will play another Mod or in QL? Or other game…? Or Its just you get tired of games…and you want to dedicate to your own real life / hobbies?

I'd like to stop playing games completely, I've been semi active @ QL on mircwar and a few fakes, but the latest MMORPG update with pay for stuff ruined it for me. I won't touch QL again, I'd rather play Q3.

#12 If you will play another mod or QL, why you will do this?

I still think E+ freeze tag is the most fun you can have, atleast during 1.03. QL I guess is more competitive with a larger playerbase.

#13 Will you come back some day? And What should be better in E+?

I don't know, I hate good bye threads and think it's nerdy. I just wanted to thank some people that never got the thanks from me before, I've been inactive for 2 months before this and I doubt anyone noticed - So I'm not sure if it makes any difference. I might drop by under a fake just to own beer xD If I can manage that, that is.

I'm not a fan of what Laktos calls the "core gameplay" now, projectiles are unlagged, physics are strange and yeah...the list goes on. But the basic gameplay was better in earlier versions, try dueling a guy now it doesn't work, the game is too bad. The major problem I'd think is that not any of the devs are devoted players.

#14 What you did to became such great player, you was trained by someone? Did you trained a lot?…maybe some suggestions/secrets for other players?

I trained like a madman. I wanted to get better and better, this is the same for all the "good" players. I started out with a ballmouse and no mousepad, step by step I replaced my stuff and started to game. When I dug up my old CRT monitor I was suddenly fragging Hard more than he was fragging me, but I had put down countless of hours into it. This was always driving me, that and that it's fun Happy During 2007 I started to get real good, I'd say I peaked during Jan-May 2009. I was averaging 75 eff games daily with good acc. The trick is not to get bogged down in details, if the sens feels good then it is good, aslong as you can move around freely and aim. Another important thing is the setup, how you have your screen in relation to how you sit, same with keyboard. It has to be comfortable and give a good feeling.

#15 What mouse you use? Tell us more about your mouse settings? And how old is it? Smug

I bought my DA in the summer of 2007, it's worked pretty good up until now. I use it @ 1000hz and in_mouse -1, no pointer enhancement in windows and 6th notch in windows sens. I use the cplfix and the accelfix available at razerblueprints.com - and sp2 windows xp. It gives the best feeling to me.

#16 What mousepad you use? Its good for your mouse? And how old is it? Smug

The corepad eyepad is the best pad I've ever tried. I wanted a new pad since I didn't like the QCK+ with the DA, so I guess I got it in the fall of 2007. It's pretty torn now and sens is wierd Sad It's very slim though, and I like that.

#17 Thank you for answer our questions, any last words to add? Or thanks to someone?

Thanks for the opportunity to make my voice heard. I've liked and hated this community many times, but I've had very fun times in here.



Thank You for reading.

Best wishes,

D@|¯K@NGE|_ and B|_ACK|¯OSE

Gloria Mōmentum
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

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Re: Excessive+News [22.08.2010]

Great interview with mircwar!

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good job once again!

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gj Happy

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thx guys Happy we are glad u like it Smug this make us happy and to be more better next time Smug

Gloria Mōmentum
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.”
—Ernest Hemingway

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but the latest MMORPG update with pay for stuff ruined it for me.

Indeed. Terrible idea to divide the community by making part of the content available only when you're subscribed. Ruined the whole experience for me as well. Confused

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good job ^^

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Re: Excessive+News [22.08.2010]
madbringer wrote:

but the latest MMORPG update with pay for stuff ruined it for me.

Indeed. Terrible idea to divide the community by making part of the content available only when you're subscribed. Ruined the whole experience for me as well. Confused

kurwa go IRC. i played freeze on overkill and ospra, and duel on aerowalk. and i played funnyB (he made kyto ragequit btw c: ). we have 5 ppl with pro who can invite.
also nice interview to read. And \Wave about someone remembering aNk.


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Osm news and osm interview! Keep up!

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gj and nice interview Winking

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we are glad that you like it:>