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03.05.2010 - 09.05.2010

Welcome all E+ maniacs to 1st edition of weekly excessiveplus news.

Basically I will try to write here all interesting things that happend in past week.

Let's go...



RAILONLY SIDE - Passed week was pretty busy:
TAG // D4 2:0 SneakyBastards
TAG // F2B 2:0 Lucky
TAG // E><TREME 2:0 IS
TDM // E><TREME 2:1 IS
TAG // unique 2:0 D4

Clan F2B is leading in RAILONLY ranking,
2nd is E><TREME! and 3rd is unique
Furthermore clan F2B is also leading in:
--------RailResurrection // mini Freeze League--------
At this point it's already obvious they will finish on 1st place.
3 clans are now fighting for 2nd and 3rd place in this event:
the * smurfs
But not everything is obvious yet, 2 more rounds to go...

PLUS SIDE - Was very quiet, not even one match
was played, propably clans are now preparing to upcoming event which is:
-------------Summer Freeze Cup 2010-------------
E><TREME! is leading in PLUS ranking,
second is unique and 3rd is [MR.]
Not much happening lately on plus side, but everything
will change on 01.06.2010, when summer freeze cup 2010 starts.
Right now we have 16 registed clans for this event,
looks like it will be most important E+ cup of this year
With good organization from one side and friendly atmosphere
from the other, we gonna have some nice competition here.
But looking on last events organized by DS*Extreme it can't fail.

INDIVIDUAL (1v1) - 7 matches played.
ultima 2:0 fps
ultima 2:0 anti
fps 2:0 style
ufas 2:1 my road
style 2:0 illca
fps 2:1 ufas
stqrm 2:1 ebashu

Seebz is leading 1v1 ranking with 30 matches played, 25 wins, 5 lost.
2nd is Nature, 9 matches played, 8 wins, 1 lost.
3rd is Marcus with 5 wins and 0 loses.
Right behind Marcus is Ultima with tiny points difference to him.


Biggest surprise is a big comeback of .TNT* clan.
Sad is that hyper is "dead" (well not officially but obvious).
Right now on E+ we have 15 Railonly Clans and 20 Plus Clans.
Excessive side ranking is officially closed,
nobody actually knows how many clans is there left.
Most of clans are very active and looking good.
Most interesting player transfers:
hyper hazard => TnT hazard
absolute ufas => ufas
rs twister => TnT twister!
bbs ozgitz => c4 ozgitz




Server belongs to supercunt a.k.a. DA| Mistress,
which is leader of super!super!
Funny thing that this team has already 45 members
and server is most of the time... empty
Oooohhh irony xD
Let's just go and play there people !!
(I know I'll do when I'll be back from holiday)
Public FreezeTag, plusN.cfg, 14 slots.

To sum up: IMO best
alternative server for popular BEER.FREEZER.

similar servers:
AIM[+] Freeze Public Server

MegaEvent 2010 (best e+ player title)

100 participants and only 1 winner !



Having problems with finding:
- smooth server for ranked match (CW),
- someone to record mvd from match,
- someone with knowledge of server commands,
- someone who could explain all ranking rules,
- someone who could supervise & control match progress on server.

Don't worry, ref+ is a team of dedicated
people who will help u with all those problems.
Simply visit ref+ public forums and create a post.
Someone will contact You and help u with arranging your match.

Thank You for reading, next
news 16.05.2010