TnT clan was created back in 2002 by couple of good friends from a city which we would like to keep hidden for the privacy of our members. So the guys started to play the Team Arena Mod and TnT became one of the best clans out there. The biggest succes was when the clan took the 6th place at the Coca Cup back in 2004/2005. At that time the TA scene was starting to die out so TnT stopped for a little while.

18.03.2007 TnT came back to the E+ scene and started developing further and became one of the most active clans out there.

in 2009 TnT was closed due to some real life issues that Arghali was going through.

22.04.2010 TnT gets back into action and is currently on a mission to reclaim the top position with a great family spirit and desire to succeed at the highest level.

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  • Leader
    • .TNT**D!ABLO!
    • .TNT**ARGHALI!
  • Members Plus
    • .TNT**METEOR!
  • Ia Members
    • .TNT**DRZ!
    • .TNT**X.FACTOR!
    • NOPE
    • -
    • .TNT**MAGO!
    • .TNT**HAZARD!
    • .TNT**DESTRO!
    • .TNT**FUNKY FOX!
    • .TNT**SZENDI!
    • .TNT**OMG!
    • .TNT**CZMYCH!
    • .TNT**NATI!
  • Honorary
    • .TNT**KORNIK!
    • .TNT**TWISTER!
    • .TNT**DARK DROW!
    • .TNT**ARGHALI!
    • .TNT**ARGHALI!