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10.10.2010 - 08.11.2010

Welcome to E+N Quakers!

It has been a lot of time without news eh?!!!
We (dark & rose) had less time this month , because of work and study.
But we hope you will enjoy ones again the excessiveplus news!
What happened during this month? ... a lot of things!

-F2B is closed...very sad as it was a very good clan more information about this can be found here: F2B is CLOSED.

-unique clan is now only PLUS clan, more information about this can be found here: unique clan is leaving Railonly side.

-is burning with CW's!!! and action! more info here:RTFC Cup

-The L4UNCH3R[R4!L] 1ON1//CUP going to the last sixteen matches! more info here: The L4UNCH3R

-National Cup 2010 Started! the National Teams fight to see who is the best, more info here:National Cup 2010

-The Autumn Freeze Cup 2010! all plus! who will be the winner? more info here:
Autumn Freeze Cup

Ok lets go with ranks!


In railonly side were a lot of action during this month! watch your self!

F2B 2 : 0 NWC
Sneaky 0 : 2 Smurfs
Dunno? 2 : 0 IS
eXtreme 2 : 1 Mi3
Lucky 2 : 0 F2B
R2 2 : 1 dZ
*BC* 2 : 0 SFC
Mi3 2 : 0 RSQT
Smurfs 2 : 1 eXtreme
RIFF [WO] 2 : 0 NWC
*BC* 2 : 0 F2B
dZ 2 : 0 Sneaky
RSQT 1 : 2 Psy
R2 2 : 0 Psy
Dunno? 2 : 0 SFC
Lucky [WO] 2 : 0 NWC
eXtreme 2 : RSQT
Smurfs 2 : 0 dZ
Mi3 2 : 1 R2
Sneaky 2 : 0 Psy
RIFF [WO] 2 : 0 SFC
IS [WO] 2 : 0 NWC
IS 2 : 0 RIFF
Lucky 2 : 1 *BC*
IS 2 : 0 SFC
dZ 2 : 1 eXtremes
*sNeAkY* 2:1 Mi3
R2 2:0 RSQT

As we can see situation has been changed. *BC* moved F2B in 2nd place. As F2B is closed we will post here clan what is on 4th place.

*BC* is Leading in ranking with 14 wins and 5 lost matches.
F2B is in 2nd place with 8 wins and 2 lost matches.
the * smurfs now is on 3rd place with 9 wins and 4 lost matches.
Lucky is on 4th place with 7 wins and 3 lost matches.


As in RailOnly side here were played many cw. Here you can see all information about them:

eXtreme 2 : RSQT
DS 2 : 0 BOS
Jumps 2 : 1 RS
DoK 2 : 0 Evol
DS 2 : 0 C4
Hyper 2 : 0 Evol
DS 2 : 1 Jumps
eXtreme 2 : 0 ZMB
DoK 2 : 0 THC
Hyper 2 : 1 DS
[Mr] 2 : 0 BBS
[Mr] 2:1 Jumps

Plus TAG 2010 ranking

[MR.] Clan is Leading in PLUS TAG 2010 ranking with 16 wins and 1 lost match.
In 2nd place is unique Clan with 13 wins and 3 lost matches.
On 3rd place is E><TREME! Clan with 18 wins and 6 lost matches

Plus TDM 2010 ranking

DS is Leading in Plus TDM 2010 ranking with 3 wins.
All others clans should play more games with gametype TDM for participation in this Plus TDM 2010 ranking.

Plus Total 2010 ranking

Here we can see that situation has been changed.Now on 2nd place is E><TREME! Clan!! Our congratulations!!

[MR.] Clan is Leading in PLUS Total 2010 ranking with 16 wins and 1 lost match.
In 2nd place is E><TREME! Clan with 20 wins and 6 lost matches.
On 3rd place is unique Clan with 13 wins and 3 lost matches.

Plus Neverending ranking

Here Situation has been changed too. E><TREME! moved SOUL on 4th place!!!
And again our congratulations!

[MR.] Clan is Leading in Plus Neverending ranking with 38 wins and 4 lost match.
In 2nd place is unique Clan with 15 wins and 3 lost matches.
On 3rd place is E><TREME! with 20 wins and 6 lost matches.


So many 1 vs 1 matches were played this month! Here you can see all information about them:

Tr1ckz 2 : 0 Rayden
Asphyx 2 : 1 Zaxtor
Jokey 2 : 0 am1go
Darkangel 2 : 0 Xmas
Luckya 2 : 0 (IS)Natali
Style 2 : 0 Meteorkid
Epsilon 2 : 0 Sp
Hell 2 : 0 Zarzyn
Zap 2 : 0 Matt
Asphyx 2 : 0 Style
Darkangel 2 : 1 Saiyan
Fps 2 : 0 stqrm
Lumberjack 2 : 0 Spartan
LuckyT 2 : 0 Aliminium
Lebow'sky 2 : 0 Candyman
Atrax 2 : 0 Aklin
Scrindle 2 : 0 Rosomak
Natali 2 : 0 Matt

We can see situation has been changed! ASCARI * DS moved ultima on 4th place and now he is on 3rd place! Our congratulations!

SKULL!·SOUL is Leading in this rank with 8 matches played and all 8 are wins.
triv' is 2nd with 6 matches played , 5 wins 1 lost match.
On 3rd place we have ASCARI * DS with 7 wins 2 lost match.


Here you can find all information about 1 vs 1 games in Plus.cfg for rank:

Marcus 3 : 0 Bleeding
Rage 2 : 0 Epsilon
Style 2 : 0 Matt
Scrindle 2 : 0 Zaxtor
Spartan 2 : 1 Double tap
Spartan 2 : 0 Zaxtor
Scrindle 2 : 0 Spartan
Rage 2 : 0 Lil Crate
Fps 2 : 0 Larry

As we can see in rank situation all the same.

ZMB*RaWr! still Leading 1vs1 Plus ranking with 31 matches played, 25 wins, 6 lost.
ASCARI * DS is second with 11 matches played, 9 wins and 2 lost.
|¯4e*|__|LT!MA! have a 3rd place with 13 matches, 10 wins and 3 lost

Clans which are currently looking for players:

Only Rail Clans

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Clanless players looking for clan to join:


Players Transfers:

ZMB*Froggy ---> Froggy/Varliukas
Adidas ---> Adidas R*
Mojo ---> Mojo RS
mnc ---> mnc? dunnO!
*ZMB*Rage ---> *ZMB*Edawn
*ZMB*Shady'ak ---> *ZMB*Skullina
Syndrome ---> EVOL.Syndrome
Doctor ---> |MI3| Doctor
---> extreme!ozg1tz
---> saruman
---> extreme!saruman
---> dZ|kinzo.
---> edBull KROKO
*ZMB* Tanaka
---> Tanaka(inactive)
28fl hardcore
---> extreme!hardcore
---> .DA|Vodevil. trial
---> .DA|Bobas. trial
---> *BC*Babs
---> icenine.
---> | azrael'dvinsk
---> Dvinks*N1xter
---> Dvinks*Biohazard
---> *BC*Agile
---> tinky * smurf
---> ** klamot
---> ** zydek
---> ** nagro
---> ** xed
---> Hyper'Babs
---> Hyper'Drukqs
--->>.DA| killer
---> fresh
---> Hyper'Snake T
---> Hyper'Essence T
---> Hyper'Sabotage T
---> Hyper'Missile T
---> Szpak
---> LuckyT
---> Hyper'Crat
---> *BC*Fala
---> ULTRA
---> *BC*Bleeding
---> unique * spartan
---> |Mi3|Zaxtor
---> |Mi3-T|Nymph
---> |Mi3-T|Quiet
---> Musa RS
---> SP R*
28FL scrindle
---> unique * scrindle
unique * dSharpe
---> dSharpe*
---> (IS)*Impius
---> (IS)*C1N
---> Seebz
--->.dZ|msl! V-Leader
---> (IS)*Camel
---> Hyper*damian.
Hyper-T-fresh --> fresh
---> stqrm
---> (IS)*THOMAS [trial]
.DA|DYNIO. Trial
---> .DA|DYNIO.
---> .DA|SILVIA. Trial
---> DWOB
.DoK. Cartman
---> Cartman
---> .DoK. Natka
---> .DoK. Ali
---> .DoK. Stetson
---> .DoK. Slav recruit
---> .DoK. Chufu recruit
---> MIssile
---> (IS)*Cybertr0nic

Gl and HF in your new clans or in searching your "Home"

4 Events!

Organisation : Asphyx <asphyx_q3@hotmail.de> and Darkangel <a-diseno@hotmail.es>

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Autumn Freeze Cup 2010

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Launc3r[R4!L] 1 on 1// CUP

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Having problems with finding:
- smooth server for ranked match (CW),
- someone to record mvd from match,
- someone with knowledge of server commands,
- someone who could explain all ranking rules,
- someone who could supervise & control match progress on server.

Don't worry, ref+ is a team of dedicated
people who will help u with all those problems.
Simply visit ref+ public forums forums and create a post.
Someone will contact You and help u with arranging your match.

Complete name: Stanislav
Nickname: Invisible
Country: Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Clans/Teams: clan - eXtreme, teams - rnt, ref+, swat, 78 region (saint-petersburg only team Tongue)
How many years you play Q3? 10 yrs
How many years you play E+? 4 yrs
What mouse do you have? a4tech xl-755k
What mousepad do you have? no mouse pad at all Tongue
What headphones do you have? sennheiser hd 218
What monitor do you have? LG flatron T710PH

#1 Tell us more about your self and about you hobbies, your favourite music band, food, beer, what do you do in your free time when you are not in ‘’Quake 3 arena world’’?
In the my free time, i usually spend on friends. im like to go walk with some friends, sometimes to play in football or to look on the stadium or in the bar for the our city team - zenit (the #1 club at this moment in the our russian premier league Tongue). Football is my passion, something alike q3 but for me football much more important then just q3 Happy also im like to move my ass in gym room, to be in form, and sometimes going to swimming in pool. In the past im spended so much time to being there, so im alike a fish, which addicted by water, and cant live without it Happy In the bar i drinking some qualitative not filtered beer with sharp pizza, im dont make a record in the beer side usually, because if i want to be enought drunked, then i go ahead and drink something more strong, like a tequilla. Tongue

#2 Do you work or study? If you work, were and in what profession? And if you study, where and what?
At this period of my life im not work anymore, because im tired of type of work where im were. Im worked in the past, by worker guy on building side not so much period and after by assistant of the guy, which are supervised over workers on building side. Sometimes im must to move instead of this guy, sometimes im helped to for illegal workers to show easy stuff what to do. Tongue You can say, hmm not so bad work, but to be honest for me its smtg really boring, because i see all this building stuff from diapers, because my grandfather and father worked there almost the whole life by heads, directors. Also im study in the university, by political scientist.

#3 From e+ girls side, they would like to ask you next: Do you have a girlfriend? What she thinks about that you play q3? Does she like games too?
No i dont have a gf now. Im has gf recently, but unfortunately relations were stopped coz of my (maybe stupid) initiative. She knew that i played in quake games, and its were normal something, coz its my hoobie, not a way of my life as somebody may to say.

#4 (dark’s question) if your girlfriend were playing q3…and with some ‘’mistake :P’’ you kill her…and she start to scream on you (also maybe take a pan and bang your head with it)…what will be your reaction and what would you do in this situation that could happen many times…?
: D Dunno, this situation is kinda impossible.

#5 Do you have pets at home?
Yes i have an one pet, its cat. His name is Kesha and he is looking like a garfild, with ginger-white wool Big grin He is a bit lazy, but looking awesome Tongue

#6 In what country would you like to live and why? And what is your dream?
I think i'd like to live in Italy, in Venice or atleast have an house there, to for the come on summer break Happy This city is similiar as Saint-Petersburg, thats why im want to be there one day. Anyway im happy at this moment of my life in my city, coz here is so quiet, then in other big russian city alike Moscow, and we have an awesome architecture Happy Only two things that i unhappy here is salary and standard of living, imo we could have a much more salary then it is now.( Hopefully in the near future it will change.

#7 Some time ago you posted a photos on e+ gallery. But there was a superman on, did you speak with him? And about what?
Yes im talked with this guy. When im were in finland in helsinki, im found this guy on the one of central street of this city. Im were lil schocked to be honestly, how he are a stay on such thin rope between the threes Happy Im asked him: hehe what are u doing here man? Tongue He answered to me: ah nothing, just drink and dunno what to do, im entertain the ppl, by the way i dont wanna problem with russian mafia, u are looking such :DD Im told that im just guy who have been come to for the look this city Tongue Also we are talked about my city, s-pb, how impressive it is. about his work, etc etc. In the end he let me make a photo near him for free Happy

#8 What about bikes and cars! Do you have car or bike? Or you prefer to walk and you are more to use a public transport to go work/study.
At this moment of my life im dont have any bike/car. In the past im has one moped, but unfortunately in winter my bike have been stealed Crying Im try to collect a money for a sport bike and planning to buy in in the near spring. After it i will save my money to for buy a second hand car Tongue So at this moment im just use a public transport, like a metro to go in the university. Its certainly uncomfortable, but soon the situation will change Tongue

#9 When you come to Excessive plus scene at first time, what was your first impression of this mod? And how you find it?
This situation is a little weird about how i found the e+ Happy Once in the beginning of the summer of 2006 im have been install the inthernet at home, and the first idea about to play in the inthernet with my friend, were a quake 3. Its were pretty easy. We with friend enjoyed to play duels together and play a Freeze Tag on public, in osp. After some time, i think approx on 1-1,5 mounth, im stopped to play it, and played in the other two games at this period. After in the one day of august, at morning, im tryed to play again this game. Im turned on game browser of the servers to find some servers, and looked some popular servers at it. Im joined to it and also in the game. And were little impressed by big lame of this shit Big grin i thought what a spamfest is going on here and all move so fast Big grin But i liked that there were all weapon. I guess it were the server en-x nature or something alike this with bro cfg. After some time im found the 1x1 e5r server called, berlin underground, hoster by wgvd. Im started to like this, coz im played so much duels, vq3 physic and no multijumps. Ofcource there were so fast switch, but i nevermind it Happy After approx a half year of playing without mod, some russian guys told to me install this, e+ mod, coz without it were some lags, when somebody type on non-normal letters Happy one this guy were xapek, which are learn to me some things how for example make a bfg, grenade and correctly strafe jumps.

#10 Do you play other games than q3? What you think about sc2 game? : >
Now i dont play in any other games except e+ and sometimes in ql. Im played in the past in the single of quake, quake 2, empire of earth and freelancer [ah this is nice cosmo sim, i think if i didnt started to play in quake / e+, then i'd be addicted by this game so much. Im also tryed to join in one clan, but desire to be in quake were much more]. To be honestly i dont know what is it sc2. its starcraft2? Big grin yes im heard about it, but didnt played in it at all, and dont will do it, coz i dont want to spend my own time on other games.

#11 Do you like more a e+ game play or you are more of an old game style as was q3 in his times vq3?
Im more old style player which are like to play without multijumps, with vq3 physic, and eat every items on a my way at the map Happy

#12 When and why you started to play q3 game?
Im started to play in this game, when my friend show this game at own pc, it were approx in 2000. Its were so cool and interesting Happy Im didnt has a pc at my home, only in 2002 parents have been bought it. So im played till this time, sometimes at his pc or sometimes in the club with him in duel or tdm Tongue After, when im has own pc, my first game become a quake 3 ofc.

#13 What was your first mod for q3?
For quake 3 my first mod were a Team Arena. Im have been bought the cd with full version of quake 3 + added team arena. Maybe you saw it, maybe not, if not then u can find this alike mod in ctf at quake live. Here u can find some bonus like a speed, guard, armor regeneration and doubler on some maps. All of these items make the game much more interesting from one side, and from opposite pretty lame Happy

#14 Do you play QL? And if so, what you like in?
Yes as said early, im playing in quake live also. This is interesting also, because im find in it the old nice times, with easy find the opponent for a match. Some times in the past im has an one clan there, called pros of pain (PP). Its were ctf clan with some good players. But after some time, all of this become a boring for me, and im stopped to be in clan. Also i like in ql that here is detailed overall statistic of each other player in the match, its save and in some moments i can analise with which type of players im played this or next day. Unfortunately to recognize but quake 3 is slowly die, and mostly is move from q3 to ql. If we, i mean the whole e+ community, want that this mod dont die, then we must to do some careful things, for populate this mod, for new fresh blood, new generation.

#15 What nicknames do you used during all this time?, don’t try to remind them all, just tell us your favour ones. Also what’s your favourite word in game? And quote? And why?
Im has a few nick-names during the whole carrer of playing in all these 10 yrs in quake. Its funky, sabre, eagle and invisible. The first nick-name im have been choose during for fact that all play with nicks in club. Im listened in past as and many other people, the group called a prodigy. And there were a cool track, called funky shit. At this period of my life i didnt knew at all english, so didnt knew what all of this mean Big grin So just for a short, im used funky. sabre were my fake nick in past in the beginning in e+, but after some time im stopped to use it. eagle is my fake nick in ql atm, but i guess u cant find it now, coz i have lil modificated it Happy These two nick become from freelancer. There were my two favorite space-ships Happy And my normal nick in e+/ql is invisible/invisiblo. Im started to use it, because of one nice item in quake, called invisibility. Big grin
About the favorite word in quake... hmm its pretty hard i think its good luck and have fun before some match will start. coz some players and clans sometimes forget it and for them the main factot is pwn somebody on it. its pity but fact.
About the fav quote its "Veni, Vidi, Vici" by July Caesar, and "God lives in fair heart". This is without comment Happy.

#16 What was your first clan in E+ scene?
As u know early, im become in e+ and favorite cfg were e5r. One guy after summer break told to me: "hey lets go in clan, there we can play some matches between other teams/clans, this is much more funny then just to play in 1x1 or on pub." He joined in inri, after some days and am i also. As a result in the end, im didnt played any wars as i wanted so. Im just were kicked from clan, coz im played on 1x1, and didnt come on training. Im didnt come coz there were a problem for me with pure, smtg like a invalid game folder. After some time im found the problem and the problem were in pak0. Im have been downloaded normal pak0 and its worked pretty nice.

#17 Now about Soul clan:
-How come to you the idea to join Soul clan?
-You always wanted to be in this clan? Or since first day of that clan they invited you
To join them?
-What about the CW…you first cw with this clan…you was very nervous and stressed to play good and not disappoint the teammates?
-Why soul closed?
-Did they trained some special tactics…? Maybe some secrets…? Smug
-Your best memories in clan? Some special person in or moment?

Just one day im understood that i need a clan in the plus side, as long as e5r action (i mean fw/cw) slowly but truly going to be inactive. Im looked some clans in clandb, and found what i wanted. Good, skilled, smart, adequate people were in it, its were a soul clan. After some time im sended to rix/skull pm about joining in their clan. They told that soul are playing also in edawn mod, so i should install it. After some days were a test on training, and im have been accepted into a clan. To be honest im were lil schocked about how much the edawn developers did for a such short period. The e+ devs make such, same work for hmm.. probably 1 year. After some training and fw's inside of clan, im gonna play a cw with soul. The first my ranking match in this team were tdm vs hyper. To be honestly im were nervous a lot, in the beginnig, and wanted to show my power. But nervous had a weird, mixed effect: from one side it were nice coz of maximum concentrate, from other my hands is shaked, so sometimes shots were not so perfect. Anyway in that day we have won this match, im played not so creative, interesting, but on the tie map im were probably awesome Happy Also the most interesting moment in the soul clan for me were a clan war vs mr on tdm cup. Our opposition on soul map (cpm14) were a lot close (ehm u asked about some secret tactic? Big grin hehe skull, if im right, already answered about this Tongue). Every minute were a ping-pong game between us, some min we are win, some we are lose. We are hold the concentrating during the whole map. And at the end of last seconds of map im have been make a few frags in a row, coz of which we are won the map vs mr. Unfortunately we have been lose this match on tie map (otherwise could be a totaly "gg" Tongue). After some time im and schifo have decided to leave a soul clan. The main factor of leaving were to move our, extreme clan, from the e5r to the plus, and because of it help to e+ with one more clan here and develop more competition in this mod between clans. Unfortunately after some time, i think approx in 1-1.5 mounths, after our leave from soul, the clan have been closed. The main reason of close clan, if im right, is that, that in soul wasnt a good leadership. Skull wasnt a clan leader at this period, Rix were bored by leading, and by his words he didnt has an enought energy in itself for a rule the whole clan. Anyway that two person, rix&skull include schifo were the best for me in soul. And at the end of my emotions, the situation for me is kinda pity because of closed soul. Hope soon skull reorganise this clan Happy

#18 Let’s go to eXtreme clan:
-How and why come to you the idea to create a clan?
-Why you choose this clan to be both sides…rail and plus?
-How come to your head the name eXtremes? It’s related of some extreme sport or extreme life? Smug
-Who make a tag for the clan? And why with this colors?
- Some unforgettable moments? Some fw/cw that make you lose nerves?
-Your best memories in clan? or moments?
-Your future plans for eXtreme clan?
-During your stay in soul clan, you learnt something and forwarded it to extreme clan?
-It was difficult for eXtreme clan to come from e5r side to plus side?

As i said early my first clan were an inri in e5r side, but maybe ufnortunately, maybe not, im were kicked from this clan Happy Im also has at this period an own team called ex-war (i think it were created in the first day of september in 2007). Im and two other ppl were in this team. The name of this team were called so, because we have planned to play in extremely agressive style on the wars, so its were called short ex-war. So after approx an one mounth of create this team, we have become a clan. For first days we played in e5r and railonly style, in tdm gametype. This is were a fun time for us all. We have been mostly concentrate in e5r side, because there were a vq3 physics with no multi jumps, and with armor/items system, which make a game much more interesting and tactical, instead of bro/plus. After some period of time we modify our clan tag just for extreme, this idea were supported by majority of players into a clan, and have been accepted. The most interesting matches which were in our, extreme, e5r story, were a versus the wgvd at cw, where we won them Happy In the end of 2009 when we have understood that e5r has finally died, im and schifo have decide that would be nice to move extreme from e5r side to plus side. So we did it, leave from soul to extreme. (Ofc we have learn some things, from soul, but we are keep it in the secret [: ) We knew that it would be a heavy way, because some of people wasnt ready for such permutation. But majority of us, the core, were ready to for the battle. Happy The most interesting match in our plus life is... hmm hard to say to be honest, we played so much wars, but probably first cw vs f2b, where we lose own map, but won the map of opponent, and with scratch on the last seconds we won tie map Big grin Also in the last time, im starting enjoy to play fw's vs hyper, where we play in ping-pong game Happy Honestly its interesting clan with so polite people. We have a couple of unfrorgetable moments almost every day in ts. :DD And its doesnt matter win we or lose on any match or on pub Big grin About our future, ofc as a clan leader of extreme clan, im put for our family only all the highest tasks. We are planning to try to be in the top3 of afc cup, maybe fortune will be on our side and we can be a 1st, why not Tongue And ofc in the rail cup, even im dislike it so much now, coz of campish style, we are try to exit from the group from as highest place as it is possible, and dont have fallen down face in the dirt. Happy

#19 About RNT national team:
-How you joined rnt team? Was you invited or you asked do join?
-Who maked a tag for the team?
-About a national team cw, at your first cw, you was stressed?
-Your best moments in team?
-When you become a leader of rnt? And what you think about this.
-Any future plans for rnt?

Im just told on forum that if they want to have a good skilled player, then they know where to find him Big grin So im were invited to rnt. To be honestly im dont know who are make a team tag for rnt, i guess it were made by old generation of rnt. Almost recently im become a team leader, kaktus have leave for me this duty, coz he were bored all of this. Im understand his position, and take over on myself the rnt team. For me isnt so hard to be a leader. The first my cw in rnt wasnt stressed, coz im have an enought amount of experience in the serious matches. So im wasnt stressed, im controled myself, and played with team as so as were necessary for a victory Happy The best moments in rnt i guess its matches vs france or hun on fw's and i guess will be an interesting upcoming match vs france/germany at cw. Also im sometimes enjoy to play with rnt new generation on training. Im feel they have a nice perspective to be a good players in the near future. The main my job is now, is show to rnt, that we can even without some old players, to rock, to show that we are still core and elite in e+ which are defend here own color of flag, the flag of our nation - russia! And we can play vs some top teams without the problem and win them. Maybe its not a secret, but for rnt will be the only one task - take a 1st place in the e+ world cup.

#20 In the finals of F.U.C.K. Vol.6 you play vs skullhead. http://www.youtube.com/q3excessiveplus#p/u/3/gLG8HiUYw8I
-It was a difficult match for you?
-What you think about that game?
-In map ztn3tourney1, in last minutes you was running over eating armor and health in finding skullhead, in minute 1:47 you jumped down to teleport room, and finded skullhead hiding in up corner, it was a big surprice for you on finding him there? Smug
-Did you enjoyed of the F.U.C.K. cup?

Hm im pretty knew that u will ask me about this. Yes im knew this place and it wasnt for me so big surprise. The main my big problem in that match were in my nervous. The whole match my hands were shaked, so im cant did nothing with it. And coz of it im played so bad. Im didnt enjoyed so much in that day to play in f.u.c.k. cup. Im were enjoy some of them, but not all. Anyway im dont play anymore duels, coz its become for me too boring, even in ql. I just like to play now team gametype matches.

#21 What more cups would you like to see?
I would like to see some new cups in new gametype. Some time ago were organised unranked cup on PTL gametype, some clan were registered in it, but unfortunately this cup uncoming for a battle. So i'd like to see some cups on ptl gametype, also would like to see with CA. But with some changes ofc, imo need to make a save urself from railgun not from 5-6 times, imo 3 is enought, also turn off multijumps, and then we will have a perfect CA in the plus side.

#22 How was for you the transition between the e5r scene to the plus scene?
The transition from e5r to plus side for me wasnt so hardly. Im just tryed to play without spam in e5r, and do so in plus side. Im has the same switch in e5r as have in plus, rg -> sg -> bfg. So it helped me so much, when i come sometimes from plus to e5r and back.

#23 Some clans from plus and rail, that you always enjoyed to play in fw/cw with them?
Yes im has some clans with which were interesting and enjoy to play matches. its were in plus side zmb, hyper, jumps, in the rail side im dont enjoy anymore coz of banana cfg, nothing personal Happy but on cw/fw the clans is camp so much, imo the items can change it. but anyway im remember two yrs ago the battles on railonly cfg's vs IS. these battles were awesome in tdm. Happy maybe if start again to play in tdm in railonly, the situation can change for me.

#24 What was the strongest clan for you to beat when you was in Soul? And when you was in eXtremes?
The most strongly opponent when im was in soul were a mr and hyper. If hyper we won without some serious problem, then mr were unbeatable for us. In that time im remember that for us wasnt so hard to beat any other clans Happy Just mr has much more better skill or teamplay then we are. For the extreme clan the most serious opponent will be the same as im said for soul, plus i think is unique.

#25 What is your favourite clan in plus side? And in rail side?
The one and only is extreme Tongue Anyway im want to say that see some perspective in jumps clan, they can play in the next year much more better then now it is, u see they beat rs now, and they will be better in the near future. Just need a time and jumps will grow up.

#26Also which is your favourite player in E+? some players that you consider that has talent and have all chances to be in a ‘’all stars e+’’ ?
Im dont have any favorite players. Maybe im favorite of myself. I like how invisible play at fw's/cw's Big grin You can ask me, but how, how about marcus or skull or somebody else. Yes, they play nice, sometimes awesome, with difference style but i dont make from them an idol. As in commandment of bible says: "don't create for itself an idol". Anyway im see a some talent in the players from new generation of rnt. Im feel they can progressive and soon play at top level or just on good one, if they will train hard Happy

#27 Who you consider the sexiest e+ player from girls? And boys? And who you would like to meet in real life from e+ players?
I'd like to meet in real life from e+, i think with the ppl from extreme. maybe also with someone else like a rix or some other russian ppl, but its i guess is kinda impossible Happy About the sexiest e+ girl im cant decide all of them is looking not so bad Happy But for sure from guy side its me :DD

#28 When you will educate a pink haired Roni!??? (Special question from rose) How you plan to make this, and if there will be much blood as in quake?
wuut? his power in pink hairs? Big grin just force him to eat dry ration, and pull out his pink hairs to for myself. Big grin

#29 What would you like to change in e+ scene, what you like, what you dislike?
Im would like to add one rule about limit, the max ppl per clan. Its would be great if such rule could be used in e+. How we can see in e+ we have approx 15 clans in both plus and rail side. You can think its enought, but i think otherwise. From the year to year we have less and less the clans here. What we must to do? Yes we need invite new fresh blood in our community and make a rule about max ppl per clan. Im dont say to make a strong limit like a 10 players per clan. I guess the number from 14-16 will be enought. What we are have? We have not a only one squad for 4x4 standart battle, its more. But imo the 10 active members is enought for a clans, but ofc all 10 is impossible to get. Somebody will be inactive soon or later. So they will use a 4-6 more slots for ia ppl. Otherwise the CL if they dont ger a squad for a cw/fw must will be a kick some ppl, who dont care about wars. This situation will be a good, coz some clans will not have a possibility to recruit everybody into an own clan. The newcomers will have a idea to create own clan, and help to e+ community. Otherwise they will join old clans, some old clans after X time will die, the rest of active ppl will join again old clans and it will be circulation, and become till that fact that e+ will just die. The heads of e+ must take this rule imo and even dont ask some ppl. Yes its totalitarianism, but if ask the ppl they will care only about own clan and will look how could be nice to get more and more ppl, and dont even care about a+ future.

#30 What you like or dislike in forum community? What would you like to change there?
I'd like that moderators start to ban some trolls, spamers and retards on the e+ forum, which are make a mess here. Ofc ban not forever, but on some days or mounths for example add the function for ban on 3/5/7 days, 1/2/3/6/12 mounths. Its could help versus them. Anyway i see now that here is much more silence then it were in past. And i give my own respect for some moderators coz of it.

#31 What you think, how could e+ bring more new blood? What ideas could you have?
First of all we need to work for PR of e+. build a cfg more alike on cpma, to invite some players here. Also (i dunno for sure it work already or not) the devs must to make a such thing for newcomers fresh blood as it were in 1.03, where the ppl can join on server without mod. The found the servers from master of servers, and after some time the player which were addicted by e+ gameplay install the mod, otherwise could be too hard to invite new players.
Probably some rewards for a wining some cups would be a big progress here, and will involve more ppl to play in e+.

#32 What is your personal record in frags? And in score (thaw + frags) ?
Its 131 pt on overkill, dont remember frags/thaw, its was my record on public. On the wars im has an one record dunno the exact number of it, 100+ pt i guess it were a fw swat vs super team on cpm14.

#33 All know you as ‘’items eater’’…how you learned the time of spawn intems/powerups? And taking this is a big disadvantage over your enemys?
Im learned it when im started to play in q3, its pretty easy for me. The controle of items, is the thing which force us to dont camp, otherwise we will just camp at X position and wait till enemy come to our trap. . . zzzzz Happy

#34 Do you like to play with items/powerups or without them?
Ofc with them i'd even like to add the powerups alike quad/speed/battlesuit as default on wars. But not all these items in one map, and not on full time (i mean reduce the time of powerups from 30 to 15 sec) but if its impossible then just leave it as it is now.

#35 Where you learned your movements? And some suggestions to other players to become a good player as you are. ?
One guy learned to me use a strafe jumps in past, i like it and use sometimes even in e+. Im use it for that, that i didnt saw so much difference between vq3 and cpm physic for myself. Im recommend to other players, spam as less as possible, only in the way of aim on ur enemy u can concentrate and train ur aim. Also one of the most important things in e+ is switch, if u will have a random switch then u will have also a random aim. Need to fix it, and know all the time on which weapon u will change the next sec. Use brain in quake, dont make a kid, fatal erorrs and all will come to you Happy

#36 What you think about the official war maps? They fits you? http://www.excessiveplus.net/forums/thread/official-war-maps
Probably normal maps, im didnt played on all of them, coz too lazy to do it Happy But i guess if they have been choosed by rank admin, then it deserved to be there. Im just really want that e+ mappers team make a some original, really big maps, with many doors and rooms for our community. And these maps will be used on some popular e+ servers.

#37 Do you participate or have intention to participate in some official championships in Q3 or other games?
Nope i didnt participated in officiall championatships. The only my ex clan in ql, (pp) were practice in some championatships, but im were so lazy to come here sometimes Big grin

#38 Tell us about your equipment hardware for gamer. You think the gaming gear is important to became a top player? Or this is just a fairytales…anyone can be the top player with wireless mouse and LCD monitor and bad internet connection?
This is one of important things for to be a top player ofc, but its not a panacea. The main things if u want to be a really nice player is desire, motivation for train, and talent. You can have the best equipment hardware for a game in quake, but if u dont have a desire for train or talent then it will become kinda impossible to be a top player. If u will have a stable connecting, doesnt matter ping is big or low, how much prcent of packet loss u have, but if its stable u can be to get used to it. But ofc the human is the being which quickly gets used to the good things. If to him give after good things, bads, he will cry that its impossible, but anyway in this life everything is possible, even with stable bad connecting u can rock, if u will want so. remember just one thing: impossible things is always possible. if u want so much something, then u will achieve it!

#39 What mouse do you use right now? Tell us about your mouse settings? And how old is it? It was difficult to set up the sensitivity to feet your needs in game? What is your favourite mouse?
im use a4tech xl-755k, im bought it 2 yrs ago, and set my sensitivity as it were in the old mouse, approx 15 cm per 360 degree, with 3600 dpi. so im even didnt remember how i have been get used to for it. im dont want change atm mouse, coz im conservative. i see that with this mouse all oki doki, i can play without any problem so i stay with it, till my mouse will die Happy

#40 What mousepad you use? Its good for your mouse? What is your favourite mousepad?
Maybe u can say that im mad guy, but im dont use a mousepad for approx 2 years, since i bought my mouse which can be used at just table Tongue

#41 What you think about q3config.cfg, this file should be performed to see and play better this game? Some commands that really affect on the gameplay ‘’in good way’’ of course, and in ‘’bad way’’?
need to set a default player settings, coz some of newcomers cant judge and see the default for us settings like a snaps rate maxpacket etc etc etc. ofc video setting or smtg like this if conditionally say is the own buisnes of player, otherwise says somebody can play with only default picmip, somebody with 10; for example i can play without hud at all, and will be guided how much hp and armor need to for save my ass from rail frag Big grin some ppl can play only with hud.. so its own busines of player about any settings.

#42 Ok so Thank you for the answer our many questions, do you have some last words to add? Or thanks to someone? Or some suggestions?
yes yes youppee.. im want to say hello to my father, mom, gf, sis, bf oi wrong.. Big grin actually wrr so many questions, if not a beer, i'd die. thank you anyway that it isnt 50+ Big grin Hope my english is understandable. Im didnt learned it for a some years Happy
specially greets to for extreme <3, rnt and some ex soul ppl Happy

Thank you very much Invi for this Interview. I hope you all will enjoy it as we did:>


Thank You for


Best wishes,

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Re: Excessive+News [08.11.2010]

omg, it is my fault that invi stick to e+ (x-nature.cfg EN server Big grin)

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Re: Excessive+News [08.11.2010]

#4 (dark’s question) if your girlfriend were playing q3…and with some ‘’mistake :P’’ you kill her…and she start to scream on you (also maybe take a pan and bang your head with it)…what will be your reaction and what would you do in this situation that could happen many times…?

: D Dunno, this situation is kinda impossible.

simple. Frag her again ingame.

gr33tz back, gl for the 1st place.

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nice work.

I have a suggestion :
- add pls an excessiveplus maps section where u inform about all new released maps, it's important for mappers to have their maps tested, so a pic + link for download are needed (something like this http://www.excessiveplus.net/clan/excessive-plus-mappers-0)
- infos about mapper's team can be included to have support from the community
- if u have time or can have some statistics about e+ from any source, it's nice to inform community

gl and tx

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thx ali good sugestions))) i next news we will try to make them)

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The interview sounds pretty google-translated :F

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unique * mnc wrote:

The interview sounds pretty google-translated :F

sounds that Invi drunk much beer Tongue

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Thanks Rozzy & Darky for news) and interview...

hehe nice to know somthing new about Invi ))))))) Shy

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good job

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omg, again my hairs ... .))))

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gj, but like ali said some statistics about e+ in news will be nice Winking

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