®CTFM3 - Vendetta 2-1 LSF 19.02.13

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Re: CTFM3 - Vendetta 2-1 LSF 19.02.13
|¯FC_| Suchspeed<- wrote:

I'm sorry to tell you dynio, that we will have this tag style during whole cup, as long server doesnt let us have our real tags from clandb, server kicks us, guess its not our fault... but well, i think theres no problem for that?
PD: Thanks kamas and clyde for playing their first CTF match, well done guys

eu.jeff wrote:

|¯FC_| Suchspeed<- wrote:

You seriously did not understand that he said your name... and not your whole lfs tag ?
He is saying, if you change name <- again just the name, then you should also change it in clanDB and not the whole tag but only YOUR NAME....

lsf*bax -> lsf*< enter name here >

thanks ;]

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