CPM9 out of rotation

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Re: CPM9 out of rotation

f1 for 1++
cpm9 is ok...

and about mario map, would be great if we can try it out on beer.

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Re: CPM9 out of rotation
Freakman wrote:

to be honest its one of my favourite but i can easily understand not everybody like it... anyway - do you really think cpm9 is worse than for example dm14?

exactly, for me cpm9 is also one of the funniest map

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Re: CPM9 out of rotation

imo, '1++' suxx while cpm9 is ok. also, would be great to play that 'mario' map on a server crowded with humans.

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People are training hard to hide their autoshoot so well while gain enough skills to win (or at least compete on similar level) without them. This is getting insane or provoked. I feel like I would cut myself with Ockham's Razor if I claim a cheat there.

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Re: CPM9 out of rotation

I would rather see 1++ out of rotation than cpm9.
That map is really nice. I should know, for me it was also "worst" map long time ago and now I really enjoy playing it. Was really happy when it came back into rotation.

People should give it a chance and play it without "omg, i hate this map" thoughts every time they get killed. Happy

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Re: CPM9 out of rotation

Seems I was wrong. I like 1++ though. Anyway, I agree with the mario map.

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Re: CPM9 out of rotation

1++ is really, really bad. I'm surprised you guys still play on that map, it was never a good fit for e+. DM17 with a basement, lol. CPM9 is pretty good, even if the teleport campers are annoying. Maybe one of the local mappers could modify the map to seal off the RA room (or put a one way port there)? Pretty much the only flaw in an otherwise good map.

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Re: CPM9 out of rotation

CPM9 is one of my favourite maps, think also about small change q3dm6remix insteado of 6++. Not becouse i dont like 6++ only becouse I dont want to get bored with it and dm6remix is very nice and playable map as 6++ is.

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Re: CPM9 out of rotation

Heya, please for each single suggestion a single thread, so it is easier for us to keep an eye on it, instead of reading complete threads.

Things arround 1++, cpm9 and mario are now in progress, thread locked.