BoD versus WASP

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twoj fryzjer
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Hi , CW???

Date: 30.04 or 1.05 2008
Time : ??? Big grin
Gametype: TAG or TDM
Timelimit: 15 min
Punkbuster: enable
Pure: enable
Friendlyfire: enable (both gametype)
Players: minimal 3v3, max 5v5

Interested? Tongue

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Re: BoD versus WASP

Hello Mikus,

I am sorry but we can't accept. It may be a few months before WASP plays any European matches.


I will be posting more details later this week. But, basically, WASP is going to reorganize.

In fact, I will be looking for a veteran European E+ player who wants to manage WASP with complete authority and is willing to recruit all new members.