After having installed xp-2.a release...

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Hi guys,
with the last release of excessive, I'm no more able to see the animation in the sky and liquid textures, at design time as well as during game (testing the new map, I mean).
I'm using GTKradiant 1.5.

Does someone has experienced the same problem?

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After having installed xp-2.a release...

Hi, dont know about skyes, but liquid textures works fine for me . GtkRadiant is same 1.5.0 version. I have another problem not related to xpmod and may be another mapper could help me: so, in radiant surfaces are covered with textures, but after map is compiled, rare random single textures are missing. (By missing i mean they are transparent).

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After having installed xp-2.a release...

that has nothing to do with e+ version, it's just about config and textures.

If you haven't set a mod in GTKRadiant then check baseq3/q3config.cfg
and set this :
[code:1]seta r_fastsky 0 (to see the sky and ppl from teleporter)[/code:1]

If it doesn't work then u have a pk3 that override the skies textures or some .shader.

check the log on gtkradiant after loading a map.

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