We are rail only clan with roots from q3 1.30 InstaUnlagged 1.2beta3 (mod).
Formed by 'BGN', 'fi-lz' and 'N!X' in 2005.
After 10 years of existance SexyFraggers still play Quake 3 Arena (all rail-only cfg's) making sexy scores everywhere we go Winking We like to play duels, Freeze Tag, TDM, Capture the Flag and other gametypes.
In December 2014 we also expanded to Quake Live facing new challenges, creating servers, meeting new people and learning something more about this wonderful game and each one of us Happy

Back in action looking for new friendly and fair members to begin a new era in our clan and to have alot of fun.

If you want to play a funwar or a clanwar versus SF post your request on your public forums.

Frag ya in the Arena!


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    • nix
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