VOTE for E+ @ 2010 Mod of the Year Awards !

2010 Mod of the Year Awards Contest !

This is a link - folov it and then vote for E+ mod (votes are much more valuable from registered users at moddb):

More detailed info about contest:

Welcome to the 9th annual Mod of the Year awards where once a year developers, fans and now for the first time press rub virtual shoulders to help celebrate our community and culture surrounding modifications. 2010 has had some monster releases like the ground breaking Eastern Front adding a whole new faction to Company of Heroes or Nehrim: At Fates Edge releasing a massive singleplayer experience for Oblivion in four different languages.

What is Mod of the Year?

Mod of the Year is ModDB's award show that rewards excellence in modding and all related fields. The MOTY's have been around since 2002 where Natural Selection took away the first Mod of the Year award. The way the big title gets handed out has changed over the years however one thing remains constant and that is the winners truly deserve the title, continuing on to do great

The Rules

The following are basic rules which apply to all participating teams. Read on for the full  legal terms.

"start voting and may the best mod win!"

  • All active mods will show a "voting area" in their profile.
  • The top 100 is determined by "quality" of vote. For example a vote from a long time member is worth more than a new members vote which is again worth more than a guests vote.
  • In phase 1, all visitors of Mod DB can nominate as many mods as they want to appear in the top 100.
  • In phase 2, all visitors get to pick their top 3 mods from the top 100 list.

    Any mod can make the top 100 except for mods released in previous years which have not released a significant update in 2010.

  • No mod / indie game can win in the same category twice. Eg. a mod cannot win "best unreleased" two years in a row, only a honorable mention will be given in this situation.
  • Exceptions to the above rule maybe granted on request by the Mod DB. Eg. if your mod moves from v1 to v2 and it is a total overhaul, we reserve the right to make it eligible again.
  • Any attempt to game the system and falsely inflate your vote count will result in an immediate disqualification. We will be analyzing all votes and will contact mod teams if we detect suspicious activity.
  • Prize distribution will be controlled by Mod DB. All decisions in this regard are final.
  • All mod must have an active contact as the profile leader who updates their profile on a regular basis to be eligible.
  • Read on for the full legal terms.

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Re: VOTE for E+ @ 2010 Mod of the Year Awards !

Good action anubis, but one tip, this video of e+ is holy crap :F Post there something more interesting, like ko 2 movie, hard movie, suddendeath cup movie.

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Re: VOTE for E+ @ 2010 Mod of the Year Awards !

Lol, i am there on 1 screen Big grin

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Re: VOTE for E+ @ 2010 Mod of the Year Awards !

Lol, i am there on 38th screen Big grin

btw, how about adding some more movies? 3 of 4 there now show e5r gameplay mostly - the gameplay that hasn't been seen for ages (well, maybe except borg ctf server), now e+ is more like plus/rail only mod, so maybe add some plus only and rail only movies? surely, there're some good ones.

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Fuck! I just thought of the most awesome pun about the BC vs Smurfs final game and the flames that followed :
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People are training hard to hide their autoshoot so well while gain enough skills to win (or at least compete on similar level) without them. This is getting insane or provoked. I feel like I would cut myself with Ockham's Razor if I claim a cheat there.

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Re: VOTE for E+ @ 2010 Mod of the Year Awards !

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Re: VOTE for E+ @ 2010 Mod of the Year Awards !

reg + vote, thats all aout it,

(il add soner or later some off vids more )

13 hours left until 1st round of game mod avards will be completed, and then folows 2nd round, i hovee community done all whats possible to rise e+ as possible , by spreading info, and providing registered votes,

hope my actions wasnt unuseful (ofc and urs actions), but be on 100top thats the goal and wery high goal i think ;] well.. will see

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