Welcome Xfactor to WASP2 (WaspBlacklist)

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Please welcome
to (.Wasp.Blacklist.)!

He has been playing Quake III for about 2 years and has been a member of ZMB, PHC, and LSF. He steps in immediately as Clan Leader while I step down and become Co-leader (essentially there to assist him). He will assume full responsibility for recruitment and training.

As an experienced E+ Clan member, I am confident that he will represent the Clan professionally and assume the leadership qualities necessary to improve and further WASP2.

Please join me in welcoming him to the Clan.

To clear up any confusion as to Xfactor's role and my role - his role is stated above. My role is to assist him, act as morale officer, moderate the WASP and WASP2 Public and Private Forums, and design and maintain the clan web site.

Special thanks to KhaoZDragoN (Kobr4) who although no longer a member of the clan recommended Xfactor and got the ball rolling.

Long live WASP.

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Joined: May 2006
Welcome Xfactor to WASP2 (WaspBlacklist)

thx killer Happy ill do everything i can to keep blacklist in perfect condition and keep the reputation of WASP. thx for the tag and accepting me into WASP2 (blacklist)

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