Specail listing server for Friday 24th at 4 P.M Eastern

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Hey all, this is official information for the server that I’m going to run Friday the 24th at 4:00 pm.

You will need to download all 16 maps that will be run. There are 4 pk3 files you will need to install and are hosted on my site in a compressed .rar file.

There are two ways to get the maps and two ways to install them, one way to install them I’m not even sure will work because of the way the server is set up.

First, the maps are from the Team Arena disk. If you have the disk just install the expansion pack. If not you will have to download them.

The server is set up with the four pk3 files in the baseq3 folder. The file names are ctfpak0.pk3, ctfpak1.pk3, ctfpak2.pk3, and ctfpak3.pk3. This is the way they are named in the download. Just download them and install them in the baseq3 folder. This is the way I recommend the files to be installed.

The other way is install Team Arena from the disk and see if you can connect to the server, if you find that the server is making you download a 333MB file exit the server and follow the next steps.

Step one; go to the missionpack folder, open it and you will see pak0.pk3, pak1.pk3, pak2.pk3, and pak3.pk3.

Step two; you have to move the files in to the baseq3 folder like the way I earlier recommended. But since Quake III Arena already has the same named files you have to rename the files. All I did to make this work is rename the pk3 files with ctf in front of them. Example pak0.pk3 will be renamed to ctfpak0.pk3. Do this to all four pk3 files and stick them in the baseq3 folder.

It may seem to be a pain in the @$$ but the only reason you have to go through this much trouble is because I chose the Team Arena maps for the Free For All Friday server.

You should be able to find the server at http://excessiveplus.net/?query& and if you use Qconnect just click the link to play.

To download the maps from my site click here---> http://www.russty.net/stuff/quake3a/maps/missionpack/missionpack.rar this is a 333MB file so it will take a while to download, I’ll try to get a mirror for everyone. Have fun and I hope to see a lot of players there!!

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