Some Excessive Plus v1.0 Snapshots

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Well, I'm just back from France and thought it's time for some news about
the forthcoming release.

First let's have the source code statistics. It is a comparison between the
Quake III Arena v1.32b SDK and Excessive Plus v1.0-cvs.
May be interesting for mod developers.

Now let's get back to the changes.

Alpha skins: Head, body and legs color can be changed. You can also force enemys to use a special model/color.

+/- vstr: is a remake of Quake's "/set +variable ..."

Ban system: You can ban players by ip, name, passwords and have reasons displayed for the ban. There is also a new pattern match, like "/rcon forceteam clan|* spec"

Config system: A complete new config system for simpler customization was added.

Many bugfixes: Fixed tons of bugs (not all are listed in the changeslog). Like the jump-bug, long name overflow, server crash (or the buggy easter egg Winking

Well, see changeslog.txt for more (almost all) changes.