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I would like to start a clan. If 3 players are found, the clan can be registered here on in clandb.

The necessary things are already done from earlier times and also known. We could use a discord server that I have set up for about half a year. Enables voice communication for logged in members. The second advantage on this discord server is the scheduler. Bot on the server every week in a special place displays a trailer for playing. The menu will be displayed 6 days before the start of the game. You can click on the icon I will participate, the second option is I will not participate and the third is an orientation with a question mark. So we can better organize matches on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

participation in voice communication is not a condition

in addition to discord, I also managed to start a group in the steam service

This guarantees the connection of players via chat and voice communication. The notice board shows the servers every week with the possibility of planning. It is offered some day on the weekend.

The servers are set to dm17 and have computer-controlled opponents unless there are more players than just one. They are tiger servers.

On the blog it is possible to get maps and a game matching the version on the tiger server.

There are already 200 users on the discord, but unfortunately not everyone is regularly online and it is also true that not everyone is interested in the game quake 3 arena. However, there is a possibility that the activity in the game by visitors to may attract other interested parties.

This would then mean that players with experience of quake 3 arena would be senior leaders. Nowadays players who would connect to tiger servers would also like to join the game under the guidance of these older seniors. Especially regarding settings or technical ambiguities.

Once there are 3 names of players who want to join, it will be possible to register the clan TIGER in clandb.