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Hi Please Can Someone Help Below Is My Rotation But When It Gets To CTF It Only dose One Map And Game Of CTF But I Want To Add More CTF Maps Befor It Goes Back To FFAThe Way I Want It To Work Is This 4 Games FFA Then 4 Games CTF 4 Games Freeze Tag Then Back To FFAAny Help Would Be Grateful

/* Excessive Plus for Quake III Arena * **/

// these will be executed before each map$timelimit = 20;$fraglimit = 3;$g_gametype = GT_FFA;
$xp_config = "default";

q3dm17 { $fraglimit = 3;}
// both maps will have "$fraglimit = 3"q3tourney1q3dm5pro-q3dm6

q3ctf1{ $g_gametype = GT_CTF; $timelimit = 15; $capturelimit = 1;
$xp_config = "default";}