Rogue Clan

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Joined: Aug 2008

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This clan is for constant playing of plusn, plusm and other plus related configs. This is to be a very small clan though, so really friendly players with good attitudes only need apply. Life is too short to play with people who dont appreciate you as a person, not just a high accuracy robot style player. I honestly dont care if your rails are under 5 percent, as long as you play at least twice a week, and chat on msn and whatnot.

My hobbies outside of q3 are bmxing and power metal guitar and singing, so if your down to talk about stuff off topic just for social sake, I'm here. Quake 3 has been apart of me sooo long, I have cheated before, but have realized my wrongs, and play clean now, if you've cheated before but play clean now, I'd happily be friends, it doesnt really matter to me, playing in europe is very hard for some players like myself. I hope to get a North American server running, but if you live in europe and want to join, that would be fine too, I play everywhere. I have a 200ms ping in beer, but I still do half decently maybe.

I have aproximately 6 years expieriance with quake 3, and probably 2 to 3 years expieriance in excessive plus.