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.::Referee Rules::.

1. Referee must know ranking rules and control server commands. Referee must be impartial, objective, responsible.

2. Referee has a right to resolve conflict situations guided by the ranking rules and common sense.

3. Referee is responsible for all matters related to a ranking game he judged.

4. If referee is not able to control game in any means, is obliged to notify clans as soon as it is possible to prevent disrupting the game.

5. Referee musn't be a member of competing clans (it is allowed for individual

6. Referee has no right to share information from ref+ private forum with players out of ref+ team.

7. Every active referee has to take part in any case related to the ref team.

8. Referee has to follow ranking rules, and is not priveledged to modify rules of
any valid (not interfering with general ranking rules) cup.

9. Violation of theese rules will result in penalties provided by warnings and bans system.